Album Review: “Hot Singles In Your Area” by Scene Queen

Album Review: “Hot Singles In Your Area” by Scene Queen

13th May 2024 0 By Quinccy

In the kaleidoscopic world of music, where genres blend and personalities shine, there emerges an album that not only pushes boundaries but also paints the town pink with its audacious charm. “Hot Singles In Your Area” by Scene Queen, a.k.a. Hannah Rose Collins, is a neon-lit billboard of Bimbocore brilliance that demands your attention.


Let’s dive into the tracks that are causing a stir in the scene. “Finger” is a digital-age anthem that hooks you with its catchy riffs and Scene Queen’s signature sass. It’s a track that’ll have you swiping right for more. Let me also give a massive shout out for the diversity featured in the official video for this track.

Following strong is “Pink Push Up Bra,” a song that’s less about lingerie and more about the empowerment underneath it all. It’s a metal power move that supports more than just the chorus.
And who could forget “Stuck”? This track is like that piece of gum on the bottom of your combat boot – it’s persistent, it’s bold, and it’s surprisingly sweet. It’s the kind of song that sticks with you, for all the right reasons.
Now, let’s talk about the single “Barbie and Ken,” featuring the band Set it Off. This isn’t your childhood dollhouse’s soundtrack; it’s a twisted tale of plastic perfection with a beat that hits harder than Ken’s chiseled jawline. Scene Queen and Set it Off come together to create a track that’s more explosive than Barbie’s dream house after a glitter bomb detonation.
But who is the mastermind behind these tracks? Hannah Rose Collins, known professionally as Scene Queen, is the driving force of this Bimbocore paradise. Rising from the digital depths of TikTok fame, Collins has crafted a sound that’s as unapologetic as her stage name suggests. With roots in metalcore and a heart in feminist themes, she’s not just breaking the glass ceiling; she’s smashing it with a pink sledgehammer.

As for her upcoming UK tour with PVRIS, it’s set to be a symphony of alt-scene sirens. Fans across the pond are already marking their calendars and prepping their best scene attire for what promises to be a tour de force of epic proportions.

In conclusion, “Hot Singles In Your Area” is more than an album; it’s a cultural reset. It’s a glittery middle finger to the status quo and a love letter to the bold and the brave. So, crank up the volume and let Scene Queen reign supreme in your speakers. Because in her realm, every single is hot, and every listener is royalty. Rock on, your majesty. Rock on.


Catch Scene Queen on tour with PVRIS in the UK this week at the follow venues:



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