Alexandra Zerner releases a new prog single featuring Maja Shining

Alexandra Zerner releases a new prog single featuring Maja Shining

22nd June 2022 0 By John Deaux

The progressive rock guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Alexandra Zerner releases a brand new single featuring Maja Shining – vocalist of the Danish metal band Forever Still. The single is called “Summer Rain” and it’s an interesting, mostly acoustic song, following the traditions of the prog classics while implementing the beautiful Nordic melancholy of Maja’s singing. The composition is a metaphoric musical painting of the longing of the protagonist for her beloved one, depicted as a rose waiting for the rain.

Alexandra Zerner is a guitarist, session musician, composer, and a guitar teacher from Brno, Czech Republic and she’s released four progressive rock/metal albums so far: “9 Stories” (2014), “Aspects” (2015), “Opus 1880” (2018), and “Silhouette” (2021). She has participated in many projects as a guest guitarist, keyboardist, and composer, like Vivaldi Metal Project, Aurora Borealis, Sevi, Alberto Rigoni and more. Alexandra has opened for artists like Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, and Dream Theater and she’s endorsed by EMG, Kahler, and Lizard Spit.


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