14th May 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Modern rockforce Amongst Liars were last night called by Great Music Stories and its listeners as the music website’s Band of the Decade.

Every year since 2015, Great Music Stories’ listeners have called their band of the year – a title Amongst Liars won in December 2020 – a 12-month process which, at the time, attracted more than 20,000 votes and featured all 183 bands that had given the platform and its listeners an interview during the year.


To mark 10 years of Great Music Stories, a fun idea was hatched in January 2024 to review all its bands of the Year and call a Band of the Decade. Looking at a range of criteria, including singles of the month, albums of the month, and engagement with interviews, Amongst Liars were called last night.


GuyB Founder of Great Music Stories comments: “Whilst the ethos at Great Music Stories has always been about giving every act a kick of the ball, a chance to be heard, Amongst Liars’ proven success with music fans and radio listeners on our platform has been quite remarkable. Five times Band of the Month, a Band of the Year, two Albums of the Month, six times Single of the Month (based on listener requests), and 17 song premieres – this is a band on the rise with a clear sense of their own identity, their own path and giving an unapologetic sense of protest on contemporary issues that should be core to the essence of modern rock today. Beyond the accolades, the band always turns up. For every rock show – and for years now, the band makes the time to engage with listeners on social media during the show, and from that they have forged a very special place in the hearts of so many music enthusiasts in the UK and abroad. All of our Bands of the Year are very special to us, but listener reaction on social media last night was emphatic when Amongst Liars were called as Band of the Decade. It’s not about big data or being in with the big names, it’s about a band’s direct sense of connection with music fans and the consistent quality and originality of their music.”


Ian George, lead vocalist of Amongst Liars said: “We are completely floored by this and are so grateful. Honestly thank you so much to the listeners for all you have ever done for us – your support and show have really kept us afloat as a band and given us purpose too. Being recognized and championed by people when there are so many great bands and artists out there and also ‘gatekeepers’ who have closed their doors on us means the world. The show has also helped me immensely personally through very rough times recently too by the connection with listeners who have become friends and provide a real community – and that’s what music is and should be about.”


Amongst Liars second studio album ‘By Design’ is released in July and is supported by a UK headline tour.

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