25th September 2023 0 By DJ Pixie
Looking to get your small children into rock and roll music? Well look no further, I have just what is needed for you!
As parents of young children, we all fall into that CBeebies trap and once you are there then there is no way out!
Well, my girls have been through every CBeebies phase possible, and that includes CBeebies ‘Andys Wild Adventures’, ‘ Andys Dinosaur Adventures’ and ‘Andys Aquatic Adventures’.
You are probably wondering, what the hell are you going on about? let me tell you there is nothing that our fabulous Andy Day cannot do!
So one night my eldest screeched ‘Mummy Andy Day is on YouTube and now he has a rock band, and has a new TV series coming out as well, ‘Andy and the Band’. I’ve got to say I was intrigued by this concept. I can’t really complain at least we are past the Blippi phase lol.
So once they were hooked on Andy and The Band’s new TV series, and dates were announced for a tour for their child-friendly rock band ‘Andy and the Oddsocks’ this was something my children had to see and experience.
Let me tell you once you book tickets, never tell your children until the day before because I had ‘mummy is the oddsocks concert today’? literally every day for about a month.
With the run upto the concert, t-shirts were purchased and CDs, and songs were played on rotation daily, with gritted teeth I thought to myself if I have to listen to ‘Hey There Chicken’ one more time I may actually cry!
I say this in jest as my kids absolutely worship the ground this guy walks on, and after us attending quite a few shows including the live filming for their new series in Liverpool I’ve got to say these guys really don’t disappoint and have got it spot on for the kids.
Today’s gig at Manchester Lowry was no different, the storyline of their roady plugging in his mobile phone to a socket that is out of order causing a mass blackout across the earth, and the only way the OddSocks can save the day is by playing music and turning it all the way up to 11, for those who know will know!
So after each song, the audience has to clap and whistle and make as much noise as possible in order for their soundometer to get to 11 to save the world from a complete blackout.
With crazy songs such as ‘Planet Rock’ which features world-renowned rock god Brian May, this literally had the full audience bouncing along.
A brilliant day out for families with small children, who want to listen to live music.
With 3 studio albums available currently touring the UK, and having an Australian tour lined up, these guys are really jet-setting and making themselves known.
What really spectacular is that ‘Andy and the Oddsocks’ are patrons of Anti-Bullying Week, with schools across the UK celebrating OddSock Day raising funds for this brilliant cause in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance.
Who thought Andy Day from CBeebies would be in a child-friendly rock band? Who saw that one coming?
I didn’t, but it really works, and we have our tickets booked for another of their shows coming soon to the UK!
Check them out at Andy and The Odd Socks

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