Australian prog-metal group Voyager (Eurovision 2023 entry) postpone UK tour due to health emergency

Australian prog-metal group Voyager (Eurovision 2023 entry) postpone UK tour due to health emergency

21st September 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

After an incredibly successful year representing Australia at Eurovision and releasing their new album Fearless In Love, Voyager’s lead singer Danny Estrin has had a shock cancer diagnosis requiring immediate treatment. The news comes less than two weeks ahead of their European tour, which is now postponed until late 2024.

Danny Estrin comments: “Last week I was dealt some life-altering news: I’ve been diagnosed with a form of cancer that requires immediate treatment. I am absolutely devastated that we cannot perform on our forthcoming European tour, especially after this incredible Eurovision year we’ve had. I am on strict doctors’ orders to not take this lightly, put my health first, and get this sorted so that we can be on stage again as soon as possible. This has been an extremely hard decision to make, but one that everyone will hopefully understand.”

All tickets bought will be valid on rescheduled dates, but if you wish to request a refund you may do so at the point of sale.

Knowing our very close-knit community, we understand that you may have a lot of questions during this time, and so we’d like to take the opportunity to answer as many of them as possible and hope that the below helps.

Q: What kind of cancer is it and will Danny be okay?
A: We please request you respect Danny’s privacy on this matter until he is ready to share further information publicly. Please be assured he is getting the best treatment available to him. 
Q: When will the tour be rescheduled to?
A: We are rescheduling the tour to October 2024. The organisers of Euroblast have reserved us another headline slot for next year and we’re very grateful for their understanding.
Q: Can I get a refund on my ticket?
A: Please contact your ticket provider for more information.
Q: What about the Australian tour?
A: It’s too early to know yet what the forthcoming weeks/months will hold. We will endeavor to communicate with you all as soon as possible. For now, the tour is still going ahead.
Q: How can I support the band during this time?
A: You are already supporting us just by being our fan!
As always you can purchase merchandise from the following stores: Kings Road (UK/EU), Merchbooth (USA), Wild Thing Records (AU). 
Alternatively, you can sign up to Voyager‘s Patreon to get exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates.
Please feel free to join the band’s fan group and Discord community.

Relevant links:
Patreon –
Facebook fan group –
Discord Community –
1.   The Best Intentions
2.   Prince Of Fire
3.   Ultraviolet
4.   Dreamer
5.   The Lamenting
6.   Submarine
7.   Promise
8.   Twisted
9.   Daydream
10. Listen
11. Gren (Fearless In Love)

Voyager are:

Danny Estrin (Vocals, Keytar)
A keytar-wielding, songwriting powerhouse who is a lawyer by day and a rockstar by night. Not only is Danny an award-winning lawyer, but his multilingual abilities are an asset to Voyager’s live shows all around the world, allowing the band to connect on a deeper level with their international audience, mesmerized by his ‘80s vocal timbre.

Simone Dow (Guitars) 
A firecracker of a guitarist whose chronic pain condition only drives her further to succeed. An advocate of migraine awareness, the 7-string guitarist shreds and brings an energy to the stage unmatched by anyone else in the scene.

Scott Kay (Guitars)
Scott’s technical proficiency and energy perfectly complement his sister in shred, syncopating their efforts on stage and providing a twin attack on guitars. Scott’s philosophical approach to music shines through in his performance, executing a deep and meaningful energy to every live show.

Alex Canion (Bass)
The face of bass, and a killer vocalist to boot. Alex is a force of nature and connects with all his peers on stage in a way that brings a dynamic that is hard to rival in any band. Providing epic moments in the songs alongside a rhythmic foundation, Alex’s personality brings an eccentric and expressive outpour to Voyager’s shows.

Ash Doodkorte (Drums)
The most bombastic drummer you’ll ever see. Leading the charge with impact and momentum, Ash’s drumming is indefatigable. Not only is he a master of his craft, but he also specializes in another craft topic, beer.

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