BandBond launches The App Revolution For The Music Community

BandBond launches The App Revolution For The Music Community

5th May 2020 0 By John Deaux
BandBond, a FREE smartphone app that connects bands and fans, launches today.

Social media reach for artists can be as low as low as 5% on current platforms, meaning fans currently don’t receive all their updates, and bands don’t reach all their fans, unless they pay.

From today music fans can make a free account on BandBond and never miss a post from their favourite artists again. With BandBond, you will see 100% of all content that the artists you follow post. As well as native posts, BandBond consolidates posts from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so you can see everything a artist posts in one place. 

Masterminded by Martin Brändström of Dark Tranquility, BandBond has been created by the music community, for the music community, to take communication back into its hands.

Over 300 bands, including Alien Weaponry, Behemoth, Employed To Serve, Lacuna Coil, Conjurer and Meshuggah, have already signed up to BandBond pre-launch with many more being added every day.

The idea of BandBond was born out of frustration when co-founder Martin Brändström, was in charge of the band’s online social media. It quickly became clear to him that the communication with the fans – that the band had earned over the years by touring the world  and recording albums – now had a gatekeeper in the shape of drastically increased price tags set by the social media giants.

“The relationship between a band and its fans is unique and not something you can market like toothpaste or soft drinks”, Martin explains. “Without sponsoring a post you will only reach a fraction of your followers. It’s really kind of strange that someone can charge you to reach the fans that actually wants to be reached, and to make you pay for the display of content that you yourself, as a band, has created which generates traffic to their platform …”

Together with music studio colleague and long time metalhead Joacim Starander, Martin started to outline the idea of a new home for all things metal where the bands and the fans who share the love for metal can have their relationship uninterrupted and free.

BandBond 1.0 is just a starting point. Future features and directions will be dictated by the needs of the bands and the metal community.

“Within the metal scene we’re used to doing things ourselves. Back in the days when we didn’t get coverage in mainstream media we started our own fanzines, traded tapes all over the world, did local radio shows etc”, Martin states. “In these days, when you’re forced to use social media, it’s strangely harder for bands to reach out than it ever was. Within the passionate metal community we’ve taken control by ourselves before. Why not do it again…?”

The 300+ bands who have signed up all share the frustrations with social media, with Loathe, Dark Funeral, Belzebubs, Kamelot and TesseracT speaking out to support BandBond.

Loathe state: “With social media seemingly restricting reach to supporters of bands and artists alike, we have teamed up with BandBond to promote their new application in which multiple feeds from your favourite artists merge into one to create a generalised hub for you to connect with. It’s an exciting venture and something that is extremely valuable given recent worldwide circumstance.”

Dan Tompkins, TesseracT: “It’s extremely frustrating that social media posts are so severely restricted unless you pay. As an artist that simply wants to reach fans it makes life very difficult. A solution to this problem is long overdue.”

Download BandBond now:

App Store:
Google Play:

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