BENIGHTED Announce Co-Headline Tour w/ Baest & Coffin Feeder

BENIGHTED Announce Co-Headline Tour w/ Baest & Coffin Feeder

27th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux
From the Shadows of the Underground to the Spotlight of Europe: Benighted Sets the Stage Ablaze with Baest & Coffin Feeder on the BEAST AGAINST BEAST Tour 2024

Diving into the darkest corners of the human psyche, BENIGHTED, the heralds of extremity and lords of the grotesque, are about to embark on a journey most foul and fascinating. Soon to release their mind-melting, horror-inspired masterpiece, Ekbom, Season of Mist, Redback Promotion & Doomstar Bookings proudly announces the BEAST AGAINST BEAST 2024 EU TOUR. Feel the ferocity, embrace the madness, and get ready to witness an extreme metal spectacle like no other as BENIGHTED crushes along 16 different dates with Baest & Coffin Feeder.

A Carnage-Ridden Journey through Europe:

15 November: Poznan, PL @ 2Progi
16 November: Leipzig, DE @ Soltmann
17 November: Warsaw, PL @ Hydrozagadka
18 November: Ostrava, CZ @ Barrak Music Club
19 November: Prague, CZ @ Rock Cafe
20 November: Graz, AT @ Explosiv
21 November: Cham, DE @ L.A. Cham
22 November: Weiher, DE @ Live Music Hall
23 November: Dornbirn, AT @ Schlachthaus
24 November: Aarau, CH @ KiFF Saal
25 November: Kassel, DE @ Goldgrube
26 November: Gent, BE @ Chinastraat
27 November: Tilburg, NL @ O13
28 November: Enschede, NL @ Metropool
29 November: Oberhausen, DE @ Resonanzwerk
30 November: Alkmaar, NL @ Herrie Metal Festival/Hal25

Tickets are available now: [TICKETS]

Ekbom, BENIGHTED’s tenth full-length studio insanity, plumbs the depths of Ekbom syndrome, taking listeners on a grotesque trip through a world of delusional parasitosis. The album’s relentless brutality, ingenious musicianship, and darkly poetic exploration of psychological horror set the stage for a live experience designed to shatter senses and challenge perceptions.

Ekbom releases on April 12 through Season of Mist.

Pre-order & pre-save:

The sonic assault began with the release of the first single, Scars. Conjured from the darkest depths, Scars is a monstrous ballad of deranged beauty that marks the beginning of the Ekbom nightmare. Its accompanying video, a masterful visualization of horror, is as provocative as it is repulsive.

Dive into the darkest realms of the human psyche as BENIGHTED, the French purveyors of brutal death metal & grindcore, unleash their tenth full-length album Ekbom in April 2024. The madness that has defined their discography continues with this radical soundtrack to the twisted times we inhabit.

Born from French Death and Black metal bands DISHUMANIZED, DARKNESS FIRE, and OSGILIATH, BENIGHTED emerged in 1998 with a mission to explore a more brutal, heavy, and modern form of musical expression. The impact of their first self-produced and self-titled full-length album in 2000 transformed BENIGHTED from a side project into a main act, quickly amassing a devoted fan base. Subsequent albums like Psychose (2002), Insane Cephalic Production (2004), Identisick (2006), and Icon (2007) further cemented their visceral, skull-breaking sound into extreme death metal history.

After a detour into the realms of Necrobreed in 2017, BENIGHTED celebrated their 20th anniversary by capturing the live madness with Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master in 2018.

With Obscene Repressed, they once again took sadistic pleasure in pushing the boundaries of brutality, delving into the disturbed mind of little Michael. His relentless battle against demons, fueled by unresolved oedipal issues with his mother, provided a grotesque tableau for BENIGHTED‘s sonic butchery. Not content with merely slaughtering everything in their auditory path, BENIGHTED crafted thematically explorative pieces, each turn in their music revealing new layers of horror and despair.

As the relentless journey continues, BENIGHTED is set to unleash Ekbom in April 2024, an album that draws inspiration from the nightmarish ‘Ekbom syndrome.’ This rare neurological disorder, also known as Delusional Parasitosis, forms the thematic core of the upcoming release. A feeling of having a vile concoction of parasites, worms, and insects crawling under your skin is an apt description of what BENIGHTED have to offer on this newest release. The auditory assault mirrors the repulsive sensations of the syndrome, a visceral and unsettling journey into the abyss of the human mind.

Madness reigns yet again, this time intertwining with the haunting echoes of Ekbom syndrome. Brace yourselves for another mind-shattering chapter in the BENIGHTED saga as they continue to carve their niche in the putrid annals of extreme metal, leaving a trail of sonic disgust in their wake.

Julien Truchan – Vocals

Emmanuel Dalle – Guitars
Pierre Arnoux – Bass
Kevin Paradis – Drums

Recording studio
Kohlekeller Studios, Germany (Powerwolf, Aborted, Crematory)

Producer, Sound, Mixing & Mastering engineer
Kristian Kohlmannslehner

Guest musicians
Oliver Peters (Archspire) on “Nothing Left to Fear”
Xavier Chevalier (Blockheads) on “Fame of the Grotesque”

Biography: Sébastien Gamez



Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Yellow & Black Marbled
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Golden
12″ Liquid Vinyl Gatefold – Blood Red Liquid-Filled

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