Black Label Society Drummer Jeff Fabb Releases First of Three New Upcoming Singles “See No Evil”

Black Label Society Drummer Jeff Fabb Releases First of Three New Upcoming Singles “See No Evil”

8th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Making his name in ground-breaking heavy metal bands such as Black Label Society, In This Moment, Sixx:A.M., and Filter, Jeff Fabb decided to pioneer his own sound with his debut album released in November of last year with  “Stealing Souls”, which held his first radio single “You’re Complete.”

Jeff released another new single in February of this year called “Hell in the Hallway” which is currently being played on radio stations such as 94.3 The Shark, 90.1 WUSB. HITH is also currently being added to Spotify playlists.

Jeff’s new single “See No Evil” is a refreshingly upbeat and infectious tune that highlights Fabb’s artistry in a whole new way.

“See No Evil” combines the best of Jeff Fabb – his booming vocals, poetic lyrics, a catchy melody, and of course, his masterfully powerful and precise drumming. This track is an example of what Fabb is truly capable of, and showcases many of his varied artistic influences, such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Led Zeppelin. Fabb’s true genius is in his ability to layer textures reminiscent of the styles of great artists of the past, while incorporating modern touches and his unique flair. 

Not only is Fabb known for his powerful drumming capabilities, but he plays essentially every instrument on his own in his solo work, aside from contributions from Fabb’s long-time friends and collaborators Brian Green and Dario Lorina on his previous debut release “Stealing Souls”.  

Jeff’s new single “See No Evil” also showcases long-time friend and past band member Blake Bunzel (In This Moment), who is playing guitar, mixing, and producing.

The new single speaks to the nature of embracing uncertainty, with lyrics like

“Imagination, my mind’s creation, realization when life’s hell on Earth. There is no glory, as I tell the story, I need to let it go.”

The release of “See No Evil” will be preceded by “Love and War,” and “Into Thin Air”.

Listen HERE 

About Jeff Fabb

Highly respected drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Fabb found his path in heavy metal and hard rock scenes, with his “claim to fame” in drumming for iconic rock bands such as In This Moment, Filter, and Sixx:A.M, and Black Label Society.


Starting his drumming career at the ripe age of 11, Jeff Fabb has a long history of music that’s followed him throughout his whole life. Beginning his journey growing up in Long Island, Fabb played in various bands throughout high school and eventually formed the band Tripface


After spending much of his early career on the East Coast, Fabb moved to L.A. in 1998, to dive head-first into the music scene of Silver Lake. From there, he contributed to many esteemed bands in the rock and metal circles, always known for shaping the sound of each group he is a part of with his masterful drumming techniques.


COVID was a big catalyst for wanting to pursue his solo project, and he worked tirelessly to release his heavily anticipated solo album “Stealing Souls” in 2023. His debut album is highly regarded for combining a booming voice with slamming guitar and drums to create an album full of textures such as hard rock, rock, metal, grunge, and alternative rock. With slower tracks like “As the Wind Blows”, Fabb tunes into his more classic influences, and tunes into his harder rock influences with “Reaper”.


With influences ranging from Alice In Chains, Mad Season, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, and Tool, to Led Zeppelin, Fabb creates a unique sound reminiscent of many great names in rock, while adding his own unique flair to everything he creates.


His diverse musical capabilities have allowed him to succeed in the rock and metal communities, making him a highly respected, and multi-faceted artist.


For more information on Jeff Fabb, please visit

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