Black Tusk Announce The Way Forward with Lead Single “Brushfire”

Black Tusk Announce The Way Forward with Lead Single “Brushfire”

15th February 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

BLACK TUSK go way back. Guitarist Andrew Fidler and drummer James May both grew up  down in the swamps of Savannah, Georgia, where they’ve been banging heads together for the past 19 years.

The last Black Tusk album found these metal punks fighting to steady their footing after bassist Jonthan Athon passed away. Today, the band are blazing full steam ahead by announcing their seventh album. The Way Forward pulls no punches; it charges straight-on behind their new, albeit familiar lineup. Long-time collaborator Chris “Scary” Adams has now joined as an official member alongside new bassist Derek Lynch, who’s run in the same circles around Savannah and the national touring circuit.

Together, these four have cleared a path into the future by relying more on what Black Tusk does best: heavy, no-frills riffing backed by rough and rowdy gang vocals.

“We do use a few lays, effects and synths here and there for texture and space”, says Scary, who not only chipped in on vocals and guitars but pulled double duty by producing and mixing The Way Forward. “This record still feels raw and powerful. It captures the feel of being at a Black Tusk show”.  

The Way Forward comes out April 26, 2024.



“I watch you burn!” That’s how Black Tusk burst through the door on their first single in seven years. Though he contributed to T.C.B.T., Lynch makes his first impression as an official member of the band on “Brushfire”. He comes out firing, too, already spitting and full of righteous fury.  

“Thematically, I wanted the lyrics in all of its aggressiveness to keep with the idea of pushing forward even when the world is trying to drag you down”, Lynch says. “The mood of the lyrics needed to match the pulverizing tempo of the song”. 

Around the halfway point of “Brushfire”, Black Tusk break for an eerie, pinging, bass-heavy interlude. “Reach up toward the wall / climbing just to fall”, intones May, like he’s playing with a voodoo doll. But don’t get it twisted; “Brushfire” burns hot and fast. “I am your burden” Fidler screams while Scary lays down the hammer with a mean, ugly, foot-stomping riff.   

“It’s been 19 years since we started this band”, says Fidler. “That’s seen us have some success and some setbacks, some label changes and lineup changes. One thing has remained steadfast though: our love for playing music. This record represents just that, our steadfast resolve to keep making music together as a band and evolve our sound. This is The Way Forward”.

1. Out Of Grasp – 2:47
2. Brushfire – 2:22
3. Harness (The Alchemist) – 2:35
4. Lessons Through Deception – 2:14
5. Breath Of Life – 5:12
6. Dance On Your Grave – 2:54
7. Against The Undertow – 3:06
8. Lift Yourself – 3:31
9. Ocean Of Obsidian – 2:50
10. Flee From Dawn – 3:38
11. The Way Forward – 4:40
Total runtime: 35:54


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