Blackened rap metal duo GRADIENCE shares third single and video ‘Love Me And Lie’ from debut EP

Blackened rap metal duo GRADIENCE shares third single and video ‘Love Me And Lie’ from debut EP

3rd April 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

GRADIENCE is a new Danish duo breaking down mental and musical barriers with its powerful fusion of trap-rap, black metal, metalcore and deathcore on the forthcoming debut EP ‘Ironsight’ set for a May 17th release. On the EP, the duo unfolds its stylistic abundance in a personal storytelling addressing the experience of being perceived as a stranger and the emotions and actions this schism can evoke.

Until now, GRADIENCE has released two singles and videos from the EP, debuting with ‘This Abyss’ and most recently ‘Blindsided feat Cabal’, which features guest vocals by Andreas Bjulver Paarup from deathcore comets Cabal. Today sees the release of the third single ‘Love Me And Lie’ alongside a music video, once again created by the band’s own Jakob Harris. The track displays the band’s unique style in a more melodic territory and represents the EP’s main lyrical theme of alienation, in this case as pure racism.

Rapper & lyricist Gavin Mistry elaborates on the song theme:

“Love Me and Lie is about the anger, disappointment and most importantly the loneliness that you can feel as a non-ethnic Dane. My family and cultural heritage is so strong that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to change or assimilate enough to be part of the community I feel excluded from.

The spoken word piece in this song is actually a description of a racially motivated assault I experienced as a 14 year old. It’s spoken in Danish and we think that gives the track a more honest and vulnerable dimension, which together with the music video, hopefully incite some thoughts in people. The video is partly a comment on people having to see through race and take the music at face value, without basing it on anything else.”

On May 18th, GRADIENCE will play an EP release show and also their debut show at Urban 13 in Copenhagen with support from Cold Culture – tickets are now available HERE.



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