BulletBoys – Bannermans – Edinburgh – 15th March 2024

BulletBoys – Bannermans – Edinburgh – 15th March 2024

16th March 2024 0 By John Deaux

Alpha Sista

Scotland rarely disappoints with its weather and today was no exception. It was wetter than an auditorium full of sweaty menopausal women watching a Magic Mike-style strip show. 

In Bannermans however, it is rather toasty and a lot less wet and excitement is growing (fnar) to witness the Bullet Boys for the 1st time back in the Scottish capital 6 years (to the very day) since their last visit.

Before getting to the main headliners we are treated to the opening act Alpha Sista who hail from Belfast, Ireland. Blending a mix of old-school hair metal with a more contemporary sound, the vocalist Hayley ‘Storm’ Norton is pure fire.  Captivating and teasing the audience until they are eating out of the palm of her hand. The dual guitar attack from Phil Horner and Steven Esler coupled with the rumble of the rhythm section provided by bassist Bones and drummer Mick Drums, was an absolute delight to not only watch but the ferocity of their playing was mesmerizing.

Garden Of Eden

Next up we had the trio Garden Of Eden who, on paper boast openings for the likes of Dokken, Michael Schenker, Queensryche, Warrant, and Poison among many others just didn’t cut the mustard for me. Maybe I was just expecting just that little bit too much. But I thought that Garden Of Eden would’ve been more suited to opening tonight’s shenanigans and letting Alpha Sista play a slightly longer set. Don’t get me wrong, this band are good at what they do, they just weren’t my cup of tea. 

Now we’re on to the main attraction, BULLETBOYS.

I have been a fan of this band ever since i heard the track Smooth Up In Ya (which to be totally honest is the track everyone in the audience wants to hear and the band knows it, hence why it’s the last track of the night) Before we get there tho, we have some absolute bangers that come in the form of Holy Fuck (which is exactly what it says on the tin) The beautiful ballad that is Symphony (dedicated to Marq Toriens late father), the kick-ass of Crank Me Up, Hell On My Heels and Hard As A Rock really got the room ramped to 11. 

of course, it wouldn’t be a rock n roll show if there weren’t the obligatory spotlighted guitar and drum solos. Ira Black (Lizzy Bordin, Metal Church and ex Vio-Lence) proved that he’s not just a thrash guitarist but can add so much melody and accents to his playing that isn’t always shown when playing heavier and faster metal.

 Fred Aching’s drum solo made for a much-needed toilet break.  I’m not a fan of drum solos. Unless you’re someone like Joey Jordison or Tommy Lee that can make a spectacle of it, I implore all bands to not include one and add one more song to the setlist.

As for Marq Torien, he can still belt out the choons with the best of them. Just phenomenal.

The BulletBoys were fanbloodytastic and there was not a single naff song in the set. Hopefully it’s not another 6 years before they’re back in Edinburgh.

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