By Norse announce new signing of dark folk, acclaimed artist Sowulo

By Norse announce new signing of dark folk, acclaimed artist Sowulo

8th December 2021 0 By Jon Deaux

By Norse Music proudly welcomes Sowulo to its artists roster! Sowulo is a project formed by the Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Faber Horbach. With a great passion for music, history and shamanism, Faber has a need for creating melancholic and meaningful songs full of spirit and depth, he has inspired thousands of listeners around the world to connect with their cyclical and spiritual nature through his music.

With immersive songs, Sowulo celebrates our great pagan legacy and takes an inner spiritual journey. The lyrics and the music, created with (early) medieval and contemporary instruments combined with cinematic sounds and voice, invoke archetypical wisdom and express the cyclical nature of existence.

Faber Horbach comments on the signing: “I’m very proud to announce that Sowulo will be joining the BY NORSE family. I feel honoured to be among the great artists that are signed on this amazing label. It really feels like the sorting hat has put me in the right (musical) house of wizards. I’m happy that fate brought me here and I’m very excited about what the future will bring!

Sowulo’s acclaimed albums “MANN” (2019) and “SOL” (2016) will be released for the first time on vinyl editions via By Norse Music on February 25th 2022! Pre-orders of the Black editions and Limited Gold editions are now available in the By Norse online stores: 



In “MANN”, Sowulo founder Faber Horbach intentionally invokes his inner Warrior, Lover, King and Magician and hopes it will help you to do the same. This album is all about growing into a mature human being by connecting with the power of the four archetypes, and consciously walking together with them on the adventure we call the wheel of life. These compositions express his interpretation of the four archetypes which he connects to the four seasons within and without, and so they follow the cyclical nature of mann.

“SOL” is Sowulo’s acoustic album, featuring unique acoustic compositions and renditions of older Sowulo material. It is dedicated to the Nordic sun goddess SOL and her horses Arvakr and Alsvidr who are pulling her on a carriage through the sky. The mythological wolf Sköll is hunting her and wants to swallow the sun. This cosmic chase gives us the cyclical nature of the four seasons which are celebrated in the pagan year feasts.’

Faber adds about the vinyl editions: “In the last past years many people have asked for Sowulo’s music on vinyl and finally the waiting is over. The amazing people of BY NORSE have fortunately supported Sowulo in realising this and I’m very proud that SOL and MANN will be available on vinyl soon. 

I think vinyl is awesome because it feels like an artisanal product, and I personally believe that putting on an LP and sitting down with a beautiful designed sleeve in your hands really helps you to immerse even more into the music.”

“MANN” tracklist:

Side A: 

  1. Gastcyning
  2. Wulfwiga
  3. Heahlufu
  4. Sceadugenga
  5. Brego in Breoste
  6. Swinhaeledas

Side B:

  1. Faegru Fara
  2. Slincan Snican
  3. Innra Aecer
  4. Beraboarn
  5. Deoplicu Dearf
  6. Wohs Wildum

“SOL” Tracklist:

Side A: 

  1. Noodlot Proloog
  2. Ginnungagap
  3. Sköll
  4. Beltane
  5. Ostara

Side B:

  1. Dageraad
  2. Imbolc
  3. Yule
  4. Sol

Side C:

  1. Mabon
  2. Lammas
  3. Arvakr
  4. Alsvidr

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