Cassidy Paris – Bannermans, Edinburgh, 12/11/2022 Gig Review

Cassidy Paris – Bannermans, Edinburgh, 12/11/2022 Gig Review

13th November 2022 0 By John Deaux

Cassidy Paris is currently on tour with her fathers band Wicked Smile and is doing a superb job at being the support act. 

After celebrating her 20th birthday in Lancaster she’s finally in Edinburgh for the her Scottish debut.

Admittedly she’s suffering with what’s commonly know as Hard Rock Hell flu (both Wicked Smile and Cassidy performed there a few days ago and the majority of them have contracted the horrible affliction that I remember so well.)

Despite feeling crap, she put one hell of a show. It may have only been 30 minutes but it was a tremendous 30 minutes.

She worked the crowd incredinbly well. It’s hard to believe she’s only 20 as she commanded the stage like some-one twice her age. 

The single Danger went over well with it’s nod to 80’s rock and the cover version of I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett was ace.

Cassidy is very much this generations Avril Lavigne and that is nowhere near a criticism.  If she continues the trajectory she’s currently on she will do incredibly well. Espeically when she has tracks such as Wannabe in her arsenal.

I look forward to seeing her career flourish and fingers crossed she’ll be able to hit the UK with her own headline tour.  Cassidy Paris is a name you’re going to hear alot of. 

For more on Cassidy Paris, click HERE

Honourable mentions must go to Syteria who played a blinder of a show. Jax and co never fail to entertain. They’re a band that continue to go from strength to strength. I’m glad Plasticfantastic got an airing as it’s a firm favorite of mine

Headliners Wicked Smilewere just as good and are well worth checking out. Vocalist Danny Cecati’s voice reminded me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden ( Powerslave/Piece of Mind era) outstanding power and delivery. Couple that with the blazing musicianship behind him was really good. 

I love their album Wait For The Night and live it sounded better.  As for the cover of Ozzy‘s I Don’t Know as their closer was off the hook. 

All 3 bands were amazing and if you get a chance to see any of them I urge you to do so while you can enjoy them in an intimate venue. I don’t think they’ll be playing them for much longer as the bigger venues will start calling.

A great night in the Scottish capital.

Many thanks to the staff at Bannermans for making me feel welcome and to Rob Halkett for making it sound mega.

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