Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre CD Boxset Review

Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre CD Boxset Review

10th October 2022 0 By John Deaux

Celtic Frost are an incredibly weird yet compelling Swiss extreme metal band from Zürich. They released some fabulous music from 1984-1987 which are housed in the beautiful box set.

Before I get started on the music (which is incredible) in this box. The contents are well worth a note. A stunning 40 page book full of photos and liner notes etc is exceptional. The poster (which is double sided) is worthy of being framed and displayed in your man/women cave. The fan club badge is great quality along with the woven patch that is also included.

The CDs are in a gatefold carboard sleeve featuring the original art as well with their own booklet. They not only look good they sound bloody awesome too.

The E.P Emperors Return is included in this set for the 1st time on CD with bonus tracks along a few other bonus tracks scattered throughout the box.

The ultimate prize in this set has to be The Grave Hill Chapel Rehearsal CD. It maybe only 4 tracks and be of bootlegish quality but it’s bloody brilliant. The band at their rawest. Procreation Of The Wicked (my favorite track by the Frosties) is insanely good doom based sludge.

I can’t rate the quality of this box or the remastering of the CDs high enough. Celtic Frost are the godfathers of extreme metal. They should be celebrated and an important part of ANY metalheads collection.

Score 10/10
Track List

  • Morbid Tales (Full album, remastered)
  • To Mega Therion (Full album plus Tragic Serenades bonus tracks, remastered)
  • Into The Pandemonium (Full album plus I Won’t Dance bonus tracks, remastered)
  • Emperor’s Return (Full EP plus bonus tracks, remastered)
  • Grave Hill Bunker Rehearsals (1984 rehearsal tracks)
     28th October 2022

    For all things Celtic Frost, click HERE and to purchase the vinyl or CD box, click HERE

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