CHER – Living Proof and Closer To The Truth – Vinyl LP Review

CHER – Living Proof and Closer To The Truth – Vinyl LP Review

27th June 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Living Proof (originally released in 2001) and Closer To The Truth (originally released back in 2013) are being released on vinyl (with Living Proof making its debut on vinyl) in a limited edition color format but both records.

2001s Living Proof is pressed onto a gorgeous Coke bottle green, translucent vinyl and it’s the follow-up album to the incredible disco/dance-orientated album Believe.

This particular album features the hit singles Songs For The Lonely, Alive Again as well as my personal favorite The Music’s No Good Without You.

The pressing is superb. Considering this album was primarily originally mastered for CD due to its heavy use of electronic beats and vocal effects, the analog master seems to breathe more life into it. 

Next up is Closer To The Truth which is pressed onto a bone color vinyl.  I prefer the 2nd side of this album to the other. But that has naff all to do with the pressing. It’s simply down to the music. Side A is mainly a repeat of the disco era whereas Side B is more classic Cher.

The re-issue of Closer To The Truth is boosted by 2 extra tracks Pride and the emotionally chargedYou Haven’t Seen the Last of Me from the movie Burlesque.
Warner has done a wonderful job of bringing these albums back to life and making these an essential must-own for any Cher, Christina Aguilera or Alannah Myles fan.
Score 9/10 EACH
Track Lists
Living Proof: Cola Bottle Green LP
Side 1
1. Song For The Lonely
2. A Different Kind Of Love Song
3. Alive Again
4. The Music’s No Good Without You
5. Rain, Rain
6. Real Love
Side 2
1. Love So High
2. Body To Body, Heart To Heart
3. Love Is Lonely Place Without You
4. Love One Another
5. When You Walk Away
6. When The Money’s Gone

CloserTo The Truth (Limited Bone Vinyl)

Side 1
1. Woman’s World
2. Take It Like A Man
3. My Love
4. Dressed To Kill
5. Red
6. Lovers Forever
7. I Walk Alone

Side 2
1. Sirens
2. Favorite Scars”
3. I Hope You Find It
4. Lie To Me
5. Pride (bonus track)
6. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (bonus track)

Label – Warner
Release – 28th June 2024

For all things CHER, click HERE, to purchase Living Proof, click HERE and to purchase Closer To The Truth, click HERE


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