Chris Holmes – CHP – Album Review

Chris Holmes – CHP – Album Review

16th March 2016 1 By Craig

Chris Holmes, the man who shredded on some of W.A.S.Ps most legendary albums has released a compilation album featuring songs from his 2 solo albums. To say I was excited to hear this album is an understatement. I will be honest and admit that I hadn’t heard his 2 solo albums so when I sat back and pressed play I was expecting to hear some insanely brilliant riffs and solo’s but how wrong I was.

Simply put, this album has to be up there with the shittest albums I have ever heard….and that’s putting it nicely.

What’s wrong with it?” I can hear you all asking. Well, allow me to fill you in:

  1. The lyrics have to be some of the most immature lyrics I have ever heard. If they are not blatantly having a rip at Blackie Lawless (seriously it’s time to get over it or shut the fuck up about it) then it’s about getting his dick sucked.
  2. The musicianship is awful – seriously Chris, you are a talented guitarist, this was proven throughout your career up to now. Fuck knows what happened, maybe it’s just lazy guitar playing because there is nothing technical to it. The drums are the most basic drums I have ever heard and are mostly out of time.
  3. The singing…..if that’s what you can label it as, sounds like he is pissed, is out of tune and absolutely dire.
  4. The sound quality is worse than St. Anger – yes you read that right, the impossible has happened, this sounds worse than St. Anger, in fact, this makes St. Anger sound like a really good quality recording!

Why on earth Mighty Music decided to release this is beyond me. I hope they haven’t invested too much money into it because I can pretty much guarantee they will not see a profit or break even on this one. I don’t actually know how this got signed off from the powers that be at the label.

Myself and All About The Rock are about supporting musicians, supporting bands and supporting labels but in this instance do NOT waste your time or money on this shambles. I have wasted fuck knows how many hours listening and re-listening to this album hoping that my initial reaction was wrong. It wasn’t and I am so disappointed.

Score: 0 out of 10


I am not even going to waste anymore time on this album. No Album info provided.

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