COBRA SPELL Signs Worldwide Contract with Napalm Records!

COBRA SPELL Signs Worldwide Contract with Napalm Records!

15th December 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Napalm Records is proud to announce the signing of the international sleaze quintet COBRA SPELL. Founded in 2019 by up-and-coming guitar phenomenon Sonia Anubis (ex-CRYPTA, ex-BURNING WITCHES), COBRA SPELL is slithering their way into the revival era of the 80’s heavy rock sound. Following their globally praised EP’s Love Venom (2020) and Anthems Of The Night (2022), this past October, COBRA SPELL’s current lineup released a new single “Flaming Heart”. The track features the chattiest of melodies, shredding guitars, hypnotic bass lines and synthesizers that will take you back to the golden era.

In addition to their successful EP releases, COBRA SPELL has toured with established bands such as ROSS THE BOSS, ENFORCER and EVIL INVADERS, and are now armed and ready to take on all the stages worldwide, with a hunger to put on a show that will leave audiences around the globe speechless and wanting more!
Lead guitarist and band founder Sonia Anubis on the signing:
“This is a very big step for COBRA SPELL. I have a HUGE amount of confidence in the potential of this amazing collaboration with the mighty Napalm Records. When it comes to record deals, I had really taken the time to look around for the very, very best I could get for the band since the dreams and goals of COBRA SPELL are very big and we want to get sh*t done in the best way possible. We aim for 80s rock and roll world domination — and that is serious business. After having worked with Napalm Records in the past with my previous band CRYPTA, I am in no doubt that we will make this happen together. Be prepared for a whole new level of sleazy action from us. LET’S BRING THE 80s BACK!”

Stay tuned for more COBRA SPELL news coming soon from Napalm Records!
Sonia Anubis – lead guitar
Kristina Vega – vocals
Noelle dos Anjos – rhythm guitar
Angelina Vehera – bass
Jess Piñas – drums


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