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CODE ORANGE have a new album, The Above, coming at the end of the month, September 29th, via Blue Grape Music, and today they’ve released a new song and video for “Mirror,” another piece of the album’s puzzle. Directed by the band’s visual/audio collective NOWHERE2RUN, the video features Reba Meyers delivering an emotional vocal performance. The video uses live action, stop motion, claymation, and rotoscoping to create a compelling juxtaposition between isolation and gorgeous, technicolour. NOWHERE2RUN consists of frontman Jami Morgan, keyboardist Eric “Shade” Balderose and cinematographer Eric Robbins.


Reba notes, “this song has a special place in my heart. To me, it’s the climax of this style of my writing in this band thus far. Take a look in the mirror, are you bored?”


Jami Morgan continues, Mirror is NOWHERE2RUN’s first foray into full music video production from conception all the way to the final edit. It’s fitting that we took on a song that is dynamically disparate from anything CODE ORANGE has ever done. It’s a little softer, a little more lush, and led by a powerful performance from Reba. It’s another important piece of the puzzle that is The Above.”


Mirror” follows the song and video for “Take Shape (feat. Billy Corgan)

Stream the track HERE

With The Above, the band takes their biggest swing yet, pushing their talents to their creative brink. The album morphs between genres and ideas with ease from grunge-sprayed rock anthems to bright acid trip electronics to moments of extreme parasitic chaos. Far past the point of caring about what scenes will accept them or what genre boxes they tick, The Above is a sonic testament to the force of nature the band has become, expanding their web of sound further than anything they’ve done previously. Destruction isn’t the endpoint but rather a necessary razing of preconceived notions to plant new ideas.


The album is available for pre-order now on digital, CD, and several vinyl variants, including exclusives via the band’s webstore and the Blue Grape Music store here.  

The Above Tracklisting

Never Far Apart

Theatre Of Cruelty

Take Shape (feat. Billy Corgan)

The Mask Of Sanity Slips


A Drone Opting Out Of The Hive

I Fly

Splinter The Soul

The Game

Grooming My Replacement


Circle Through

But A Dream…

The Above 

Having obliterated Manchester with a ferocious set at the UK’s Outbreak festival to rave reviews earlier this summer, the band also recently announced their own first-ever music festival, CODE’S WORLD, which will act as their hometown album release show. The US festival will feature hand-picked favourites of the band, including Madball, E-Town Concrete, Vein.FM, 200 Stab Wounds, Pain Of Truth and many more. Full info and tickets can be found here.





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