Corrosive Unveils Star-Studded Collaborations for Upcoming Autumn Concept Album

Corrosive Unveils Star-Studded Collaborations for Upcoming Autumn Concept Album

10th May 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Death metal mavens Corrosive are set to rock the world this autumn with the release of their sixth studio album, a conceptually stunning and musically daring venture, courtesy of MDD Records.

This new project, inspired by the band’s iconic song “Notzucht der Hexe” from the “Nourished In Blood” album, has evolved into an expansive narrative, aptly referred to as the “witch project”. The album tells a gripping story that showcases a diverse set of characters and culminates in a dramatic, bloody showdown.

In an innovative move to bring this story to life, Corrosive has recruited a cast of talented singers to voice the different roles, much like a theatrical play. This lineup not only includes friends and acquaintances of the band but also some of the idols and heroes who inspired them in their formative years.

Lead singer Andy will be joined by an impressive ensemble of metal icons, including Gerre from Tankard, Sabina Classen from Holy Moses, Dirk Weiss from Warpath, Eva Schmidt from Nihil, Andreas Jäger from Hyems, and Kai Wilhelm from Final Cry. There will also be a plethora of other illustrious guests making appearances in supporting roles and backing vocals. Not to be overlooked, Eiko Truckenbrodt from Final Cry lends his skills with a guest guitar solo.

Musically, this forthcoming album promises to deliver a nuanced auditory experience that is both more melodic and black metal influenced compared to Corrosive‘s previous work. Yet, fans need not worry – the band’s signature sound remains firmly intact.

In 12 intense tracks spanning 60 minutes, Corrosive invites listeners to embark on a harrowing journey into a dark epoch. Prepare for a sonically massive and conceptually profound musical experience.

Stay tuned for this groundbreaking album that is slated to redefine the landscape of death metal this autumn.

For more information, please visit Corrosive’s official Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages.

About Corrosive:
Corrosive is a death metal band based in Marburg, Germany, known for their unique and captivating musical style. Since their inception, they have been pushing the boundaries of death metal and have amassed a loyal following around the world.

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