D-A-D headlines the biggest outdoor rockfestival in Scandinavia in 2021 – Cannonball!

D-A-D headlines the biggest outdoor rockfestival in Scandinavia in 2021 – Cannonball!

28th June 2021 0 By John Deaux

After 2 years of neglected festival seasons, a new flame is lit on 4 September for the festival feeling we have all missed for far too long. Cannonball in the town Naestved, Denmark  will probably be one of the only major festivals of the year, where we can really return to the intoxicating feeling of stepping into a real festival site without sectioning or restrictions, but for pure joy of life, folk festival and lots of rock music with as many as 12 terrific names spread over 12 hours.

Cannonball – is a new pure rock festival, which will focus on rock in both Danish and international contexts and  attract audiences from both Denmark, Scandinavia and Germany. The capacity in Naestved by Holsted Nord in September will be 5,000 people, with the possibility of expansion to 20.000 + cap.

This year’s main name D-A-D is a self-written main-headliner when we talk about institutions in Danish rock and it will no doubt be welcome to experience their immortal classics like “Sleeping My Day Away” and “It’s After Dark” in a big open air setup again. In Allan Vegenfeldt’s iconic vocals, The Sandmen have one of the country’s strongest aces and mighty Kellermensch are back in full bloom with their grandiose dark man rock.

In addition, the festival will serve a varied rock buffet in the form of Bonafide (SE), VA Rocks (SE), Grumpynators, Soren Andersen, The Courettes, Lucer, Columbian Neckties, Junkyard Drive and Timechild.

The three people behind the festival Michael H. Andersen, Frederik Schnoor and Erling Daell have all dedicated their lives to rock’n’roll as respectively. musicians, festival organizers, record company owners and entrepreneurs in the music world and spokesman Erling Daell, who in addition to being declared a rock freak, is daily director of Jem & Fix and Harald Nyborg in Sweden, says:

“The last 1½ year has been pretty sad. Few and small concerts and festivals with a lot of bans. Much against the basic idea of ​​music. When I was asked a few weeks ago by my friends Michael and Frederik if we should do a rock- and freedom party, I did not think for two seconds about it. Of course we should!

They are both passionate about the juices and power of rock and are skilled, seasoned rock entrepreneurs. Cannonball was the result of many good beers and talks. We have made the festival according to the motto: “The big rock and liberation party with the accelerator at the bottom and zero restrictions.” It will be cannon fat in Næstved on September 4.”

The Cannonball name is to be understood as a rock cannon ball cast by the three friends’ collective fascination with the last 50 years of rock from the early 1970s to the present. “To be completely honest, we’re three eccentrics with a penchant for rock’n”roll, nostalgia and partying – and that’s why this seventies, comic-strip-like approach to the poster and the whole festival just hangs together. Cannonball is created by rockfans for rockfans! “says the trio in chorus!

In addition to the music, the festival also offers exhibited 70s cars, delicious food stands, cold beers and drinks as well as lots of rock-merch!


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