DARK FORTRESS – Spectres From The Old World

DARK FORTRESS – Spectres From The Old World

25th February 2020 0 By Mark Booth

German black metallers DARK FORTRESS are set to unleash their 8th album ‘Spectres from the Old World’ via Century Media on 28th February. Having moved away from their melodic black metal of earlier albums, they have been incorporating more deathly atmospheric and progressive passages into their arsenal.

This release entwines DARK FORTRESS signature, icy unforgiving melodic black metal roots with a deathly heaviness associated with death metal. While also occasionally stripping back their sound to a more traditional second wave of black metal sound when they need to. Although they have abraded some of the progressive elements founded on previous releases (such as ‘Ylem’ and ‘Venereal Dawn’), this release still has enough progression running through the songs to satisfy those striving for the band to steer in a more progressive melodic approach.

‘Spectres from the Old World’ is a vortex of atmospheric melodic black metal that draws upon other facets of extreme metal to attain a haunting triumph that takes the listener on a multitude of emotions.

SCORE – 8/10

Track Listing

  1. Nascence (Intro)
  2. Coalescence
  3. The Spider in the Web
  4. Spectres from the Old World
  5. Pali Aike
  6. Pazuzu
  7. Isa
  8. Pulling at Threads
  9. In Deepest Time
  10. Penrose Procession (Interlude)
  11. Swan Song
  12. Nox Irae

Century Media
Release Date:
28th February 2020

To purchase the album, click HERE


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