Deicide: Crucifixation – The Early Years, 3CD Digipak Review

Deicide: Crucifixation – The Early Years, 3CD Digipak Review

14th October 2022 0 By Craig

Deicide is a band that needs no introduction, the band released what has to be the “Unholy Trinity” of Death Metal albums with “Deicide”, “Legion” and “Once Upon The Cross” so when it comes to releases a 3 CD boxset, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would contain those legendary albums.

Crucifixation” unfortunately is not the Unholy Trinity of Deicide albums, however, it does contain “Deicide“, “Legion” (both of these albums are among the top 5 biggest selling Death Metal records of all time), and the hard-to-find at a reasonable price “Amon: Feasting the Beast”, hell, even “Deicide” is getting a bit on the expensive side on sites like eBay so to be able to get all three albums in one boxset for cheaper than it will cost you to buy Amon has to be a bargain doesn’t it?

As well as the 3 CDs, you also get extensive liner notes from Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer) and includes interviews with producer Scott Burns and A&R legend Monte Conner. It’s these little things that I enjoy with boxsets, I love to read interviews/notes from people that were involved in the creation of music because you get an insight from a different perspective.

If you are a collector of music then this is a must-have in your music collection, even if you already own the albums in the set, this will look nicely on your CD shelving unit.

If you are the person that has been looking for a way to own one or more of these albums for an extremely reasonable price (currently £20.99 at time of writing) then this is definitely what you have been waiting for!

This is definitely on my list of box sets that I need in my collection, just look at it – it’s absolutely stunning and jam-packed with 28 tracks of awesome, timeless, evil Death Metal.

Score 9/10
1 Lunatic of God’s Creation
2 Sacrificial Suicide
3 Oblivious to Evil
4 Dead By Dawn
5 Blaspherereion
6 Deicide
7 Carnage In The Temple of the Damned
8 Mephistopheles
9 Day Of Darkness
10 Crucifixation

1 Satan Spawn, The Caco- Daemon
2 Dead But Dreaming
3 Repent To Die
4 Trifixion
5 Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
6 Holy Deception
7 In Hell I Burn
8 Revocate The Agitator

1 Lunatic Of God’s Creation
2 Sacrificial Suicide
3 Crucifixation
4 Carnage In The Temple of the Damned
5 Dead By Dawn
6 Blaspherereion
7 Feasting The Beast (Intro)
8 Sacrificial Suicide
9 Day Of Darkness
10 Oblivious to Nothing

Release – 28th October 2022
Label – Dissonance

For all things Deicide, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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