DISCOVER | NeonoeN, Podgorica, Montenegro.

DISCOVER | NeonoeN, Podgorica, Montenegro.

8th December 2023 0 By Quinccy

Today on DISCOVER, I’m here with NeonoeN. NeonoeN are a four piece alternative rock (indie Rock) band from Podgorica, Montenegro. Current members of the band are Marko Vukčević (lead singer), Ilija Pejović (lead guitar), Filip Vulanović (bass), Milan Vujović (drums). Today we talk about getting naked, eating snails and fight for what you believe in – the right to rock! 

Thank you for joining me to day to participate in this interview. Could you please introduce yourselves and give a little bit of information about each member of NeonoeN including what they do in the band?

Marko – There are four of us in the band – Ilija Pejović lead guitar player , Filip Vulanović bass player Milan Vujović drums player and of course myself Marko Vukčević lead vocals.
All band members have been active musicians on the local scene for a long time. As far as NeonoeN goes we have played together few years. Ilija and myself are founders of the band and started in the beginning in 2012. The band was first named Neon and we did four singles before we decided to change name to NeonoeN. Our newest single “Dok ne udahnem te (Until I breathe you in)” is the first song under the new name and the first to announce our album that is planned to be released in 2024…

Ah Brilliant, what prompted the name change from “Neon” to “NeonoeN”?

Ilija –There were some issues from the beginning in some ways. It was a nice name but as the years went on we found out that in the region of former Yugoslavia several bands and artists use that word in there names the problem was even bigger when looking at the worldwide music scene… Beside that, we needed some change to establish the new era of the band. The funny side is that we had to invent a new word since every other is already taken – now we are explaining  to people in Montenegro that the word has no definition and it can represent whatever you like.

Quinccy: That’s a really smart idea to create the word. Very creative. What genre of music would you describe your bands music as?

Marko – First thing that comes to our mind when we think about our music is Indie Rock but it’s really hard to say. Since we have a lot of life experience we can say that we “took” the best from all music worlds… from the time we were kids we listened to all kinds of music genres… Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, high quality Pop so we had good background to develop our sound.

Pulling bits from different genres is a great idea. Better not to be stuck in one box! How would describe the music scene in Montenegro?

Aaaahhh fuck the real question is if we can even call it a scene but we really want to answer the question and try to explain the situation. Montenegro is a small country, the smallest of all former Yugoslav republic, even in time that Yugoslavia was a country of about 20m people, here in Montenegro it wasn’t a big priority for the system to develop popular culture -even people from other countries of the region have some kind of prejudices about us in Montenegro we have the same heritage but there are a few stubborn people including us, who try to avoid the fact and only want to make music. We try the best we can and maybe one day soon this will change!

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Hopefully in the future that change will happen, I’m hoping for you guys! Does the band have any tour or show dates lined up?

Ilija – Only few local gigs in Montenegro. This is the holiday season so there are venues inspired by Christmas and New Year. We have two open scene gigs (In Cetinje and Podgorica) in December (for now).

When you’re playing shows, do you have any routines that you do before you perform live?

Marko –Usually we try to concentrate on performing. Few shoots of some quality booze and show can start. The most important thing about shows it’s time that we invest in rehearsals. So when you come ready no routines needed.

Great answer that! What has been the most difficult obstacle your band has ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Marko – 24/7 we’re living obstacles. The biggest obstacle is actually the system itself, we don’t have support from crucial government institutions so all that we do we do it ourselves but it’s fight we are willing to take.

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Fight for what you believe in and defiantly for rock! We’re almost at the end of the interview now so just two more questions for you guys. The first one, where would you like to see yourselves in 5 or 10 years?

Marko – At least couple of albums to be released. World crowds yelling our name’s getting naked and drunk, just generally having a good time.

Ilija – We really believe in what we do in music and we are aware of what more we need to do. Since we plan to release album in 2024, we hope to release more in years to come.. so we deserve a place on the regional scene of former Yugoslavia!

They are lovely answers, guy. When the Album is released in 2024 we’ll have to have a catch up and talk about that ! Is there anything else that we can be looking forward to in terms of NeonoeN for 2024?

Ilija – Four handsome guys playing rock ‘n’ roll. What else can you wish for!

Marko – Of course – Some new music videos that will show to people how good we look.

That is a fair answer, and I wish you the best in your rock’n’roll adventure. I do have have one MORE QUESTION for you but this is more of a fun thing… What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Marko – I eat snails and if I can be honest they taste delicious

Ilija – To be honest i don’t have that kind of experience, I mostly eat Mediterranean food and travel mostly to European countries and America where the food often isn’t too strange or exotic.. Maybe when I go to Africa or Asia I’ll be able to comment something weird I have eaten.

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Artist: NeonoeN (ex Neon) / Location: Podgorica, Montenegro / Label: Unsigned  / Genre: Indie rock

For Fans Of: Breaking Benjamin, First Came The Shadown, Shinedown, Seether, Skillet, Staind, The Blackwell, The Midnight Echo, Theory of A Deadman, 
Next upcoming shows: 14.12.2023- Cetinje advent.

Can be found on the following platforms: Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple music






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