DISCOVER | NIMUAH – Manchester, United Kingdom.

DISCOVER | NIMUAH – Manchester, United Kingdom.

15th December 2023 0 By Quinccy

Today on DISCOVER, I’m joined by Nicola from NIMUAH. NIMUAH are a four piece rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Members of Nimuah are currently Nicola Tuffy (Vocals), Harry Hayes (Guitar), Matty Cassidy (Bass) and Wai Ching Yip (Drums).

Thank you for taking time to speak to me today! Starting with the introductions, could you introduce me in your word to the members of Nimuah and explain how you guys met?

Nicola: My name is Nicola and I am the founder/ Singer/ Songwriter of the band Nimuah. The band was formed in 2016 as part of a uni project and when the other members moved home after university, Harry joined the band in 2017 after answering an advertisement on Facebook. I consider Harry to be the co-founder of the new Nimuah. Harry is the guitarist and Songwriter for the band and writes the most amazing riffs! Matty who is our bassist, joined the band in 2019 and again we met through an advert on Facebook. Wai our drummer joined us in the middle of this year after moving over from Hong Kong.

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Seems like facebook is the place to pick up new band members! but on a serious note, that’s amazing. 2016/2017 too that’s A LONG time! Where did the name Nimuah come from?

Nicola: Definitely! Yea it’s been a project that has been a labor of love but I think we finally have the right lineup to go the distance. We have been a bit like the red hot chilli peppers with drummers so every time we got momentum going someone would move away or leave, but we now have a great line up and an albums worth of songs to release and a new single coming out on the 5th of January so I’m really excited for what’s to come! The name Nimuah pronounced Nim-uh-way comes from the story of Merlin, Arthur and the Sword in the stone. She is the witch from that story. I absolutely love history and mythology so I thought it would fit us well.

Red Hot chilli Peppers drummer comparison made me laugh and a great descriptive of the situation. The name choice is amazing too, it didn’t actually click about the name till you’ve explained it there. I’m shocked I didn’t realise that! If you were to describe the music you create to someone who had never heard it before, what 5 words would describe it best?

Nicola: Thanks, yes it will with a bit of extra sleaze and bite added in!

Oh-la-la! Sounds exciting. Is there anything else that you’re working on for 2024 that you would like to us about?

Nicola: Yes we will have another single called ‘Bless My Soul’ coming out next year, an E.P. and merch launch!

Sounds like 2024 will be an eventful year! When you’re not involved in your music, What do you do for fun? Any hobbies you’d like to share or interests!

Nicola: Well music is my life and when I’m not busy with Nimuah, I teach vocals, performance and songwriting and am a Vocal Habilitation Practitioner(see @thesingingvocalcoach on tiktok), sing as part of a function band called Aphrodite (@Aphroditeband on Facebook) and work with IMM Intergenerational Music Making which is a national not-for-profit organization which brings people of all ages together through the power of music to reduce loneliness, boost wellbeing and create stronger communities. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and podcasts, going to watch gigs, movies and dancing. I also love history and the paranormal and love going to visit historical places.

See I feel that is a talent that is often over looked, the ability of ‘words’. I struggle to string a normal sentences together 95% of the time. If anyone wanted to check you out, where would be the next live venue and date to catch Nimuah?

Nicola: Haha I feel you on that! I find it amazing how the just words pop into my head!

We have recently played on the 10th of December at The Spinning Top in Stockport. It’s one of our favourite venues to play! It’s weird none of us are from Stockport but we feel like the community there really support us and our music! I also should have mentioned the name of the single we are releasing on the 5th of January is called ‘Down to the Floor’.

Hey some of the best videos I’ve seen have had that DIY edge to them! I feel it makes it a more personalized feel with the band. The last two questions; one fun one, one more serious – which would you like to do first?

Nicola: Let’s leave the fun one till the end!

Let’s go with the serious one first then get that out of the way, I say serious the more “professional” question. Since covid and the changes in the music scene, what are some of the challenges you face as a band?

Nicola: I find that it’s harder to get people out to smaller gig venues as people are so used to doing stuff at home or online now, I also think venues are struggling and closing down so it’s harder to get gigs as there is so much demand for the venues that are left.

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I feel that hits it right on the head and a good way to look of it, the demand for the venues at the moment is high but we’ve lost so many good ones due to covid and the industry changing, It’s a shame! Well, we did say to leave the fun one to last! So let’s leave this on a high – my closing question to you is one I’ve had on my ‘finishing questions’ lists for a while and feel it would be perfect with the history of the band name.

A wizard has put a curse on you, turning you into a door for 100 days. To be changed back to your normal self before the 100 days are up, you need to be able to get at least a thousand people to knock on you. What type of door would you be?

Nicola: That’s a hard question, do people knock on doors anymore?! The door to Abbey Road studios!!

That’s a point you know. I hate knocking on peoples doors but that would be a good one! You’d defiantly get the extra knocks from the tourists too, double win!

Haha, It’s been nice chatting you to you tonight and thank you once again for taking some time and chatting with me this evening! I wish you the best for the rest of the year and 2024, sounds like it’s gonna be an exciting one for you!


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Artist: Nimuah /  Location: Manchester / Genre: Rock

Can be found on the following Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tiktok, YouTube

Upcoming Shows: TBC for 2024.

For fans of: Skunk Anansie, Thin lizzy, Jefferson Airplane, Dorothy


More information about IMM Intergenerational Music Making can be found >> Here << 

Intergenerational Music Making aims to build bridges across generations, sectors and amongst professionals to create stronger, more cohesive communities.

Using the power of music we bring children, older people and communities together to create and connect. Through our projects, training and research we aim to encourage a sense of belonging to provide spaces for voices to be heard and celebrated. Our work aids the improvement of mental and physical wellbeing and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

– IMM Intergenerational Music Making


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