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Today on DISCOVER, I’m joined by Pineapple Tuesday. Pineapple Tuesday are a six piece band from Tallahassee, Florida. Current members of Pineapple Tuesday are Andrew Falls (Lead vocals/ukulele), Alan Hernandez (lead guitar – LEFTY WIZARD), Kyle Wilson (Rhythm guitar, vocals), Brett Albritton (drums), Ron Sobon (bass), Robynn O’Leary (keys, vocals), and occasionally joined by Barry Sager (flute, pipes). Today we talk about food, Psycho killers and charity events!

Hey guys, I’d firstly like to thank you for you time this evening – Let’s start with a good ‘ol icebreaker. Pineapple Tuesday, Where did the name come from and how did you guys meet?

Andrew: Back when I was in my rebellious youth, a whole 6 years ago, I’d get paid every two weeks on a Tuesday so my friend and I would get together and have a big smoke session, with a feast, and we always made sure to get a pineapple to go with it. Eventually that turned into a jam session, which turned into a band. The original members wound up either moving or starting a family, so I made it my mission to carry on the Pineapple Tuesday vibes. Hence: the name.

Robynn: I met Andrew at a weekly Open Mic. I recruited our bass player, Ron. I knew him from church and a Blues Jam I used to go to. I saw Kyle at the open mic and really liked his sound and his shoes.

Kyle: I met Andrew at a Blue Tavern open mic night. It was when he played “Psycho Killer” when I said “who is this motherfucker?” and the energy and sound of his voice, made me think “this is something I can relate to.

Alan: Alan & Andrew met when he moved from Houston, Texas to be with me here in Tallahassee. Alan started to play with the band soon after as we were all roommates at the time. That was when he met the other members.

Brett: I met Andrew when my girlfriend Lauren and I made a short film together called “Flags”. We put out a casting call and Andrew was the actor we chose for the part. Over time, we became friends and somewhere along the line he convinced me to come play drums for his band.

Ron: When Robynn asked me to join the band I said I would help out when I could because I was in a classic rock band at the time, but that band split up so I became a permanent Pineapple.

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So seems you guys all met at somewhere different along the time line of Pineapple Tuesday. How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Andrew: Actually Chat GPT said some fun things: Through our music, we aim to be the anthem of the Sunshine Rebellion. We are those who question, dream, and resist the ordinary. With shows as wild as the Everglades and rhythms as unpredictable as a summer storm, we invite all free souls to join our journey of musical revolution. Pineapple Tuesday is a group that celebrates the untamed spirit and kaleidoscopic individuality that defines the alternative community of Florida. “Embracing the vibrant spirit of the Sunshine State, our mission is to challenge norms, ignite self-discovery, and cultivate a community of free spirits. Through rebellious tunes and a kaleidoscopic blend of experiences Our music is a rallying cry for those who dance on the fringes and seek a harmonious rebellion against conformity, echoing the heartbeat of Florida’s diverse counterculture.”

Kyle: Uhhhh…I dunno…I would say uhhh…that’s a pretty lofty goal. It’s like a shark biting a nuclear waste drum and growing legs.

Brett: Lauren once referred to us as “Palatable Rock…” By which I think she meant we can appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Robynn: Classics with a twist…and faster/harder.

Interesting! I’ve noticed that you guys do a lot of covers of bands which is super awesome. I’m a sucker for a good cover but I will be honest, when I saw the use of panpipes during some of your songs. It had me sold! Which has been your favourite song to date that you have done?

Alan: “For No On”The Beatles

Robynn: “Psycho Killer” — “Come together” is one of our go to though!

Kyle: “Psycho Killer”

Brett: “Pinball Wizard”

Andrew: “Psycho killer” however “Pinball Wizard” is my second choice. We do a fun punk rock version of “Help by” The Beatles as well, that’s high up there.

When you say “Psycho Killer” do you mean the one originally done by Talking Heads? Fun fact for you that was actually based on Norman Bates!

Andrew: Yes! We love The Talking Heads, David Byrne is a personal hero of mine. He proved that you can be awkward but still rock and got into The Talking Heads because of my ex wife, so I lovingly think of her when we do Psycho Killer.

Kyle: …actually, it’s based on my mother.

Robynn: Andrew and I saw “Stop making Sense” at the IMAX and felt like we were there to take notes!

Let’s hope Momma Kyle and the ex wife don’t see that comment! What’s been your favorite moment so far whilst performing music, are there any shows or comments that have stayed with you?

Andrew: My favorite moment is Brett’s least favorite moment. Mine was when we did a Friday the 13th/birthday show. The whole time, the energy was great. And then, the lights flickered. A man in a gorilla suit came running in with a pie and got me in the face. Some may or may not have gotten all over Brett as well. He was wearing a banana costume and the gorilla man felt empowered. Minutes later, one of my childhood icons, Darren Criss, showed up out of nowhere. I got to meet him covered in pie. He said he heard me singing from outside and wanted to check it out. His music got me through some rough points growing up, so that meant the world to me.

Kyle: When we did the Friends theme song, and we did the clapping part, but instead of continuing we just kept clapping. Or when a guy got pissed that I was wearing a dress, that was good too.

Robynn: I like it when Alan starts playing something random (like the Home Depot theme song) and we all just join in and make stuff up also last year I put together a show called the “Hippie Christmas Variety Show”. Brett wasn’t able to be there for the PT performance, so I played drums on a Conga with a single drumstick…we did an awesome version of Mr Grinch.

Alan: “Dressing up in costume for our Friday the 13th show.” (He was Ace Frehley from the Dressed To Kill album cover!)

Brett: My favorite moment is when we shared the bill with Emily Davis, someone who I am a fan of and had previously seen open for Bad Religion.

Friday the 13th shows sound awesome. We don’t have many of those in the UK, maybe it’s something we need to look into! Are there any sort of other events you guys enjoy playing?

Robynn: Benefit shows (charity fundraisers), first Friday Art hop. The Hippie Christmas show was raising money for children cancer hospital.

Kyle: Benefit shows (charity fundraisers).

Andrew: We love playing benefit shows (Charity fundraisers) for good causes. There’s a charity called Food Not Bombs that we have fun playing for, and this coming Sunday we’re playing a “free lunch/turkey giveaway” event for people in need this thanksgiving. Holiday shows are always fun, because we enjoy being festive.

Robynn: Playing for money is nice, but I really like playing for food.

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Just to clarify, do you mean instead of payment you’d like to accept food? As it did make me laugh reading that, just want to make sure I’m laughing for the right reason. I found myself having an image in my head of someone saying “No payment tonight sir, but i’d accept a slice of that cheesecake”

Robynn: “YESSS!!”

Andrew: That’s pretty much how our last show went, actually.

Branching off that, what is the best food you’ve ever received for either playing a show or whilst at a show?

Kyle: Cocktails

Andrew: Chocolate cream pie from Square Mug Cafe.

Robynn: The string French fries at the Bark are amaaaaazing.

Alan: “Food hasn’t been much of a highlight yet… but the wings at STIX Pool Bar in Tallahassee are pretty good!”

Brett: It’s tricky for me sometimes because I’m a vegetarian, but The Bark is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and has excellent food! The veggie Philly Cheese steak at the Bark is probably my favorite.

Ron: Chicken Philly at Stix and grilled cheese at the Bark.

It’s clear to see food is a bit love shared by all those from all here! Where can people catch you at your next shows, maybe grab some wings and some beans on toast?

Andrew: Every Wednesday, some version of us can be found at Blue Tavern for Warehouse Wednesday Open Mic, home of the best Red Beans and Rice in Tallahassee. And we’ll be at Square Mug Cafe on December 10th for another benefit concert!

Alan: We’re planned to be booked monthly at STIX!

Robynn: Our website has a good update!

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As we’re at the end of the interview now. I’d like to thank you for your time this has been a hoot! I like to leave the interviews on both a question that will make you think for a while and also a fun one. My question to you guys is , seeing as we’ve had a lot of discussions about food from the beginning “what Ice Cream Flavor Do You Think Best Describes Your Life?”

Andrew: “Rocky Road”

Kyle: “Chunky Monkey” – Ruffles Potato Chips dipped in chunky monkey ice cream could solve a lot of the worlds problems

Alan: – Texas Cookie Two Step

Robynn: Peanut butter and chocolate – It describes my life because if you don’t know what flavor it is, you are surprised when you dig in and find peanut butter then you say “oh, now that makes sense!”

Brett: Cookies and cream, mainly just because it’s my favourite.

Andrew: All I’ll say is to be confidently and unashamedly “you”. And no one BUT you. Shine bright and boldly. We’re all about what each of us as individuals bring to the band. So I guess as far as the ice cream question goes for the band as a whole, I’d say Neapolitan. We each bring our own flavor to the mix, and that’s why we work. Kyle brings unhinged punk energy, Alan brings beautiful metal riffs, Ron is solid as a rock, Robynn brings the hippie energy, Brett may be mild mannered but he’s a punk at heart, and I guess I’m a melted mix of all of that.

Kyle: …and Amandine (Band manager) is the spoon that serves it all together… or I guess the ice cream scoop.

Andrew: We really couldn’t do this without her. She keeps us focused and on track (very difficult for us), helps run the social media, and makes sure we’re taken care of during live shows

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Artist: Pineapple Tuesday / Label: Unsigned / Genre: Rock
For fans of: The Beatles, The Talking Heads, The Ramones, and The Rolling Stones 
Next upcoming shows: Upcoming TBC 2024
Can be found on: Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and


PINEAPPLE TUESDAY would like to bring awareness to supporting local venues. 

Please support The Square Mug Cafe’s gofundme here

“They’ve always hosted incredible bands, Pineapple Tuesday was one of the first to play there, and will now be amongst the last unfortunately.”


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