DISCOVER | The Casket Kids – Huntsville, Alabama USA

DISCOVER | The Casket Kids – Huntsville, Alabama USA

29th November 2023 0 By Quinccy

Today on DISCOVER I am with Christian Youngblood from The Casket Kids. The Casket Kids are a four membered Horror Punk/Metal, Death Rock N’ Roll band located in Huntsville, Alabama USA. Current members of The Casket Kid are Paul DuPont, Bradley Ace, Guza and Christian Youngblood.

Good evening to you over in the states from the UK! Let’s start off with a basic question – The Casket Kids. What’s the story behind your band’s name?

Christian: Good evening to you. The Casket Kids name was really a joke that other people in our Podunk town we originated from used in hopes of offending my brother Bradley and I. They would say in their hickish tones “Y’all sing them songs about the devil and dead things, y’all some real regular casket kids ain’t y’all?” And we found it so funny that we just went with it.

Interesting! Always best to laugh things off and that’s surely one way of doing it! Which bands would you say influence the music you create?

Christian: Of course Misfits, And Samhain. But others are Blitzkid, Mourning Noise, Pentagram, Fear, Black Flag, Mercyful Fate, Motörhead, we have so many that it’d take too much time and space to name them all – we pull a little from each one.

They do say variety is the spice of life! How long have you guys been together and could you tell me a bit about each member and what their role is in the band?

Christian: I think we started in 2010, but we didn’t play a show or make a peep till 2014. We were really just a basement band that liked to write songs that we enjoyed. People would come and sit with us and listen sometimes and they encouraged us to step out. We played a few shows, the members that joined us would leave, we did that forever, we’d go on hiatuses and not do anything for a while, found a solid unit and took over the local scene. Now we’re poised to take over the world.

On guitars we have Paul DuPont, he’d been in our local scene for a while in and out of bands, a follower of the band since we’d play with his formers and when the opportunity to join arose, he really shined above the rest and is now a dedicated member.

Guza beats the drums for us, we had wanted him to play for us for a long time, another member of of one of the most popular bands from the local scene, we lucked up and the stars aligned and the wildman came to join us.

Bradley Ace is my brother and bassist of the band. He’s pretty much always been here with us and always supported my ideas of what The Casket Kids should be. I would call him the processor of things I concoct and makes them workable.

I’m Christian Youngblood, the author of atrocities, the bard of blasphemy, the creator of the chaos you hear… and I sing a little. I am the founder of the band I suppose you could say, and I write and tell the tales we perform.

Bold statement “poised to take over the world”, I love it! What do you feel sets your band apart from other bands in your genre?

Christian: Confidence and determination in spades! I think what sets us apart is the fact that we don’t fit in to any genre truly. We have a heavy metal aspect, we have the punk aspect, a good dose of horror, hatred and humor a plenty. Most bands take themselves waaaaaaaayyyyyy to seriously… which we take ourselves seriously in the aspect of we don’t want to be put into a genre or niche. We want to make it out of that obscurity, where most are happy staying in it and being the big fish in a little pond. “That just ain’t us darlin’.”

You’re right there, music should be fun! Talking about fun do you have any funny or interesting stories from any shows that you’d like to share?

Christian: We have a few stories: puking behind the drums during our set, a former member playing and punching a guy and not even missing a note during a song, a dumb ass nazi biting off a pigeons head(btw we don’t condone either of those things) shows being shut down, two former members getting in a fight during our set, the list goes on and on. We’ve had a wild ride so far.

That sounds chaotic, sounds like the bands been through some but out of curiosity any crazy fan stories you can share? Sounds like potentially there could be some!

Christian: Well it depends on if you want the fun stories or the not so fun ones. Good or bad, We had a crowd so riled up that they were so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves. Bad, We’ve had crowds that hated us, so we just heckled them in between songs. Very bad, We’ve had fans of the band wanted to audition for us and they didn’t make the grade, so they got mad and to this day talk smack about us. Very good we’ve needed a place to crash after a show, and the fans were more than happy to “accommodate.”

Seems like a variety of reactions from the fans then. Do you have any upcoming releases that we can be excited about?

Christian: We have our second album ‘Black Miasma’ coming out. Hopefully it’ll be released by Christmas. We’ve had to halt progress on it multiple times, members leaving and joining, a tour happened we were offered a big show or two (things we couldn’t pass up) but it’s almost done and we know everyone will like it!

Sounds exciting! A few good things on the horizon for you guys then, we’re almost at the end of the interview now – Just two questions left, If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Christian: Misfits or Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. Those two influence my writing style the most. I think either or would be the dream spot. Not sure if either will ever happen, but who knows. Notably, we’ve opened for the Dead Boys, Death, Blitzkid, and John Christ of Danzig. So we’re building a list!

Impressive! I bet they were a amazing experience. It sounds like you guys have got your shit together and are making leaps and bounds … as we’re at the end now the final most important question of tonight, as we’ve spoken about prior. When is the release of “Sweet Home Alabama” going to drop?

Christian: We’re trying to appear like we do…. And maybe Summer 2025? Ha ha!


Artist: The Casket Kids / Location: Huntsville, Alabama /  Label: None / Genre: Horror Punk/Metal, Death Rock N’ Roll
For Fans Of: Misfits, Samhain, Mourning Noise, Pentagram, Motörhead, Blitzkid
Next upcoming shows: 30.12.2023 – Plug Uglies 12 Year Bash At The Plughouse In Columbus, Georgia.

Can be found on the following platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music. Click here for links 


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