12th April 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Following the expansive taster of ‘Abyss Perihelion Transit’, Dødheimsgard return with their spectacular second single ‘Det Tomme Kalde Mørke’. Translated from its native Norwegian, the track means ‘The Cold Empty Darkness’ and after the slow burn of the first single, the second track instead proves just how much of a venomous bite is in Dødheimsgard’s theological bark. Beginning with furious blast beats, the track ebbs and flows exuding emotion and dynamism with flourishes of electronica that season the melting pot of subgenres.  

Regarding the single Vicotnik had the following to say: 

“This lyric feels oddly deterministic. Where will be represented through self-image and your destiny doesn’t match up. The currents will hold your hand downstream. It is your story for better or worse. 

The sense of defeat is not necessarily all negative, but rather an intrinsic path toward self-honesty. Willingly giving into destiny, and thus, in a sense free? Do I have moral liberty, or is my freedom of will rather restrained to whether I choose to be honest about what I am? I acknowledge will, whether it is free or not.” 

Vicotnik continues:

“Maybe this is the key to my false dilemma? The compatibilist notion is that my world has to be deterministic for there to even exist a will. This cold empty darkness, where you find yourself, void of your special pleading. My greatest failure and triumph, acknowledging who I am”.

Accompanying the single is a video made entirely by Victotnik himself. The clip features moments that were documented by NASA itself from its The Universe film as well as the 1973 animated film ‘Fantastic Planet’. Dødheimsgard has often been regarded as a force that transcends its musical confines and this fantastic and otherworldly video reminds us of just why that is. 

Regarding the video, Vicotnik had the following to say: 

“This video portrays a journey through the cold empty darkness, with the many features of perceived realities, both rising and crumbling. I am thinking, that what story it has to tell, and I would like to leave it to the person making the journey. We won’t all see and hear the same thing and that is kind of the point.”

‘Black Medium Current’ continues on the path set by 2015’s monumental and universally lauded ‘An Umbra Omega’ album; itself a deeply poignant and potent release of vast maturity and insight. 

As is the questioning nature of Dødheimsgard, the band explores ideas in which trying to free oneself from a state of existential despair and confusion we, in turn, relinquish our own freedom. Suggesting that confusion and despair, however hard they may be to endure, are in a philosophical sense necessary told to question one’s own intellectual honesty. 

Recorded during the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, with production duties being handled by Vicotnik. Engineered and mixed by Matias Aaveren at Top-Room Studios. Mastering by Charis at Feedback Studios with additional help by Pavlos. 

Outside of traditional bass guitar duties Lars Emil Måløy lends his talents to piano, cello, and theremin on ‘Requiem Aeturnum’ as well as flute by STTNG on ‘Et Smelter’.

Adorned by the work of graphic designer Łukasz Jaszak, having previously worked on Dold Vorde Ens Navn album, there was a symbiotic understanding when it came to artwork. Much like the album’s use of space musically, this is mirrored in the cover. 

‘Black Medium Current’ will be released on April 14th on Digipak, Gatefold LP, and digitally and is available to pre-order here (https://dodheimsgard.lnk.to/BMC)

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