Dope: Blood Money Part Zer0, Album review

Dope: Blood Money Part Zer0, Album review

15th March 2023 0 By Malli "Metalhead" Malpass

Right, I’ll be frank (and I’ll be Susan…JD)! I’m struggling to review the latest Dope album Blood Money Part Zer0. I love me some Nu-Metal. Early Korn and Limp Bizkit are still on my playlist and I still vibe hard with that shit, so I was looking forward to having some boxes ticked and my sonic bollocks tickled by Blood Money Part Zer0. Sadly this album is a bit like a disappointing musical wank. It starts well, with all the things that would normally get me audibly hard, with the impactful opener No Respect and its storming, heavy chunky riffing but it soon falls flatter than the public opinion of Jimmy Saville being awarded a posthumous award for best hospital porter of the 20th century, leaving my ears flaccid and numb. I literally could not get through this album. It’s so Nu-Metal by the numbers and utilizes as much imagination as a clam with Aphantasia. There’s nothing that would bring me to even the most underwhelming audible orgasm. It’s Just so forgettable.

I’m assuming that any original members of Dope are about 80 years old now but they still manage to drop in mentions of High School, like it’s still relevant and edgy. I’m 46 myself and I’m pretty sure that I peaked in secondary school but I don’t feel the need to use it as a relevant comparison to anything in my adult life. It feels a bit desperate. I really don’t have anything else to say about this album. It’s ok if you want to listen to the equivalent of Nu-Metal elevator musak. In the background of a loud rock pub, on a busy Saturday, it’s enough to fill out the momentary lulls in conversation and volume but there ain’t no one headbanging to it by the jukebox. 

Score 5/10
Track List

1. No Respect
2. Believe
3. Best Of Me
4. Choke
5. Dead World
6. Misery
7. Love Song
8. Dive
9. Parasite
10. Row
11. Fuck It Up
12. Wide

Release – 24 February 2023
Label – EPOD Entertainment

For all things, Dope, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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