Down Among The Dead Men release is out now!

Down Among The Dead Men release is out now!

19th June 2018 0 By Jon Deaux

Down Among The Dead Men (International) – ‘…And You Will Obey Me’ LP Box Set / Blue LP / Autographed Box Set / CD with booklet / Merch / Digital (June 15th, 2018)

Genre – Death Metal/Crust
Release Date – June 15th, 2018
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records (India)
For fans of –
Paganizer, Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Ursinne, Echelon, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Warcrab

Death metal legends David Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, Ursinne, Echelon) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Eye of Purgatory, Necrogod) team up to create a new chapter of the heaviest form of death metal/crust you’ll hear. With both members being in top form following the resounding success of Ursinne and Paganizer on the common label, they do something outstanding for Down Among The Dead Men, taking the unique sound forward without betraying the roots. The third album is the best one in their acclaimed discography where bludgeoning death metal meets the spunk of crust and leaves something unforgettable in its wake. Immaculately produced and executed as a fully functioning band, ‘And You Will Obey Me’ will go down as one of the strongest albums of this period. 


Down Among The Dead Men LP Box Set 

We’re making super limited LP box sets for this release as well. We try to make each LP box set different from the CD version and over here you’ll find metallic blue embossing done on the cover for a change. Moreover you can find a selection of all-new items. Here’s the full listing – 

1. Limited Blue LP
2. A2 Poster
3. Fridge Magnet
4. Badge
5. Sticker
6. CD 

Down Among The Dead Men Blue LP – 

Due to popular demand, we’re finally making LPs of this juggernaut. Legendary artist Turkka G. Rantanen was kind enough to make a similar layout for this one keeping in mind the original aesthetics and we have made sure that it has a beautiful blue-coloured LP to go with it. It’s one of the strongest death metal/crust releases of the year and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. It’s strictly limited to just 200 copies and will never be repressed. 

Down Among The Dead Men autographed CD Box Set – 

For the first time, we’re having a dual front and back metallic silver foiling for the new Down Among The Dead Men box set. It comes absolutely packed with exclusive goodies that won’t be available with anything else, including personally autographed certificate cards by the legends David Ingram and Rogga Johansson. Each box set will include –

1) Personally autographed and hand-numbered certificate cards by David Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Benediction) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer). 
2) Down Among The Dead Men CD with an 8-page gloss-finish booklet
3) Large band logo patch
4) High quality gloss-finish beer coaster
5) Guitar pick of the band’s logo similar to Jazz III make
6) Sticker of the album artwork

Down Among The Dead Men autographed CD Box Set – 

Limited to 500 copies, the Down Among The Dead Men CDs come in thick gloss paper with an 8-page booklet with the artwork and layout done by the Finnish artist Turkka G. Rantanen (Demilich, Demigod, Galvanizer). Each CD comes with a free badge. 

Down Among The Dead Men T-shirt –

For the first time, we’re adopting the Gildan size chart for our own brand of T-shirts. This should hopefully eliminate any size concerns. This is a full colour T-shirt of the death metal supergroup Down Among The Dead Men that has members of Bolt Thrower, Paganizer, Ursinne, Eye of Purgatory, etc. with the print size being A3.

 Official Bandcamp

Official Transcending Obscurity Site

Official Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Official Down Among The Dead Men Facebook

Official Transcending Obscurity YouTube Channel

 Watch out for the release of very soon (members of Wombbath, Ursinne and Revel In Flesh!) -You’ve all heard their music via the free for download label sampler here –

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