DURAN DURAN Precursor T.V. EYE Release Their Complete Recorded History On CD, Vinyl and Digital!

DURAN DURAN Precursor T.V. EYE Release Their Complete Recorded History On CD, Vinyl and Digital!

7th August 2023 0 By John Deaux

Every legend has a beginning, and for those who have closely followed the massively successful career of the British new wave group, Duran Duran, the name T.V. Eye is often greeted with reverential awe. For within T.V. Eye lay the very seeds that would form the future group whose music has become as recognizable and beloved as any from Britain’s second musical invasion.


Birmingham, England – the Moseley School of Art – a dynamic young performer by the name of Andy Wicket, inspired less by the three Rs (reading ‘riting, ‘rithmatic) than the three Ss (Sex Pistols, Stones, Stooges), formed a group named after a track from The Stooges’ 1970 album Funhouse, T.V. Eye. The group quickly became the talk of the Birmingham underground rock scene, such that when a young John Taylor and Nick Rhodes went looking to find a new vocalist for their own fledgling group (named after a character, Dr. Durand Durand, in the sci-fi cult film Barbarella) he convinced Wickett to leave T.V. Eye to join their band. Remarkably, the outgoing Duran Duran vocalist, Stephen Duffy, then assumed Wickett’s role in T.V. Eye, renaming the group The Hawks.


Now the full history of T.V. Eye is here revealed in a new collection of the complete recordings of the band both in the studio and live in rehearsal. Among the songs is an early version of “Dreaming Of Your Cars,” which Wicket would re-record with Duran Duran as well as “Stevie’s Radio Station” that would eventually morph into the smash hit “Rio.” The complete collection will be officially available in stores on September 1 but you can pre-order CD and vinyl now!


Order the CD/Vinyl: 


Stream/download the album: https://orcd.co/tveye_19771978

In related news, a special vinyl collection of the complete early demos from Wickett’s tenure with Duran Duran is also being released. These historic recordings feature early performances of John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor that no self-respecting Duran Duran fan should be without. Order your copy today!


Order the vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/duran-duran-girls-on-film-complete-1979-demos-featuring-andy-wickett-blue-with-pink-spots-vinyl/



  1. Repartee     
  2. Stevie’s Radio Station        
  3. Citizen       
  4. Dreaming Of Your Cars    
  5. Let Me Win
  6. Chainsmoking / Let Me Win (Rehearsal) 
  7. I See You, You See Me (Rehearsal)
  8. Repartee (Rehearsal)
  9. When You’re Gone (Rehearsal)
  10. Cry Cry To You (Rehearsal)
  11. Kites (Rehearsal)
  12. Citizen (Rehearsal) [CD ONLY]
  13. Stevie’s Radio Station (Rehearsal) [CD ONLY]

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