EARTH ROT – Black Tides of Obscurity

EARTH ROT – Black Tides of Obscurity

4th April 2020 0 By Mark Booth

EARTH ROT have come to lay waste to all that stand before them with their third release ‘Black Tides of Obscurity’, these Australian metallers have unchained a behemoth of a blackened death metal album upon us. Seamlessly drifting between old school death metal, and mainly the Swedish variety, to black metal with easy. With gigantic crushing buzzsaw riffs easily entwining with razor sharp tremolos and the vocals switching between deathly growls to possessed shrieks.

The song writing on this release is phenomenal and the eerie atmosphere EARTH ROT create is unique, yet they know when to unleash the vicious blistering attacks. Whether these be full bloodied or a slow creeping assualt that comes to a brutal crescendo engulfing the listener. The album comes to an fitting finale with “Out In The Cold” which sounds like a twisted TOM WAITS decided to add extreme metal to his jazz & blues noir sound.

SCORE – 8/10

Track Listing

  1. Dread Rebirth
  2. New Horns
  3. Towards A Godless Shrine
  4. Unparalleled Gateways To Higher Obliteration
  5. Ancestral Vengeance
  6. The Cape Of Storms
  7. Serpent’s Ocean
  8. Mind Killer
  9. Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity
  10. Out In The Cold

Season Of Mist
6th March 2020

To purchase a copy of the album, click HERE

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