Eat Static: Science Of The Gods / B World Expanded 1997-1998, 4CD Set

Eat Static: Science Of The Gods / B World Expanded 1997-1998, 4CD Set

28th April 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Born out of the trippy prog rock act Ozric Tentacles comes Eat Static. A mixture of trance, darkwave, and beats that rival the Crystal Method.

This is Eat Statics 3rd album and the best way to describe is rave/trance electronic prog. The time signatures are mental as is their music. Science Of The Gods is expanded with the addition of 3 extra discs featuring remixes, b-sides, and a live album. The live album is incredible. Just stick on your headphones, drift away with the tide and you’ll soon see the laser show. 

Eat Static are truly the electronic version of Pink Floyd due to their amazing psychedelic soundscapes.

If you’re a fan or even a casual listener to Apex Twin, you’re going to enjoy this. 

This is one of those albums that you’ve seen and possibly heard bits of previously, but never pulled the trigger to purchase a copy. With all the bonus material here, it’s well worth a punt.  However discs 3 and 4 being remixes from the 3 E.Ps (Hybrid’, ‘Interceptor’ and ‘Contact)they released in 1997, it does become a bit monotonous. 

Don’t let that put you off, as the 2 main albums are simply mind-blowing. 

Score 7/10

Track Listing:

1 Science Of the Gods
2 Interceptor (Parts 1 & 2)
3 Kryll
4 Spawn
5 Dissection
6 Pseudopod
7 Bodystealers
8 Contact…
9 The Hangar

1 The Crackle
2 Contact…
3 Interceptor (Pt. III)
4 Survivors
5 Zanti-Misfit
6 Purple Squirt Jam
7 Dionysiac
8 Hybrid
9 Bony Incus

1 Hybrid – Eat Static Original Mix
2 Hybrid – PFM Remix
3 Hybrid – The Infinity Project Remix
4 Hybrid – Eat Static Remix
5 Hybrid – Dave Angel Remix
6 Hybrid – Yum Yum Remix
7 Interceptor – Radio Edit
8 Interceptor – Original Mix
9 Interceptor – Decoder Remix

1 Interceptor – Eat Static Remix
2 Interceptor – C.J. Bolland Remix
3 Interceptor – T-Power Remix
4 Contact… – Radio Edit
5 Contact… – De Niro Remix
6 Contact… – Eat Static Remix
7 Contact… – Jon the Dentist Remix
8 Contact… – Live Version

Label – Planet Dog
Release –
19th May 2023

For all things Eat Static, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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