ELECTRIC SIX : ‘Turquoise’ – brand new album by US disco-punk act ahead of 20th Anniversary UK Tour for hit debut album (Metropolis Records)

ELECTRIC SIX : ‘Turquoise’ – brand new album by US disco-punk act ahead of 20th Anniversary UK Tour for hit debut album (Metropolis Records)

1st September 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

ELECTRIC SIX – TURQUOISE new album LP | CD | digital out 17.11.23 [LP] | 29.09.23 [CD] | 08.09.23 [digital (Metropolis Records)

Bandcamp pre-order

includes the single TAKE ME TO THE SUGAR out 01.09.23 digital services

27.11.23  COTTINGHAM Civic Hall
28.11.23  YORK The Crescent
29.11.23  MANCHESTER New Century Hall
30.11.23  EDINBURGH Liquid Room
01.12.23  BELFAST Limelight
02.12.23  DUBLIN Academy
04.12.23  BOURNEMOUTH O2 Academy
05.12.23  BRISTOL O2 Academy
06.12.23  BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy2
07.12.23  SHEFFIELD O2 Academy2
08.12.23  LIVERPOOL O2 Academy2
09.12.23  LONDON O2 Academy Islington
10.12.23  BRIGHTON Concorde 2

Electric Six. The most reliable act in show business, there was simply no question that each year would bring another Electric Six record. Mayans based their calendar on it. Migrating birds used the new Electric Six record as a homing device. Small time criminals got four to seven E6 albums with time off for wonderful behaviour. In a business so fickle, so unreliable, so difficult to navigate, the only constant was Electric Six. There was always an album a year. Until there wasn’t. 

Five years has gone by….and Electric Six has heard the chatter. “Electric Six just doesn’t have it anymore.” “Electric Six has really let me down.” “Gotye will have an album before Electric Six does.” As we all know, talk is cheap. Bullshit walks. Now there is a new goddamn Electric Six record ready to go and it’s good, Jack. Real good. Behold! ‘Turquoise’ is here, marking the long-awaited return of Electric Six!

Perhaps the band’s catchiest, brightest album, Electric Six reminds you how profoundly fun they can be, hitting you over the head with fourteen pop explosions guaranteed to burrow their way into your dance hole. The pandemic slowed us all down and ripped time into shreds. It forced E6 to take a little time to look at itself in the mirror. Who did they see staring back?  It saw Electric Six. It saw ‘Turquoise’.

Electric Six certainly felt the need to tap into the collective feelings of the time in songs like ‘Panic! Panic!’ and the title track. The overall vibe of ‘Turquoise’ ranges from the infectious pop of ‘Take Me To The Sugar’ and ‘Staten Island Ass Squad’, to the heavy rock of ‘Child Of Hunger’ and ‘Skywriting’, to the Springsteeny goodness of ‘Units of Time’. Electric Six is a band for all tastes, all times and all sizes. When a band finally makes an album this exciting, it doesn’t need to do anything else anymore anytime soon ever again. But it will. Electric Six can never die. It’s still the band that does one album a year… if you re-define ‘year’. Which we do.

Electric Six will play a UK/RoI tour in November and December to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their chartbusting debut album, ‘Fire’, which was home to the hit singles ‘Danger! High Voltage’, ‘Gay Bar’ and ‘Dance Commander’. The set will see the entire record performed in its entirety, as well as fan favourites and new songs.

1  Take Me To The Sugar
2  Dr. K
3  Hot Numbers On The Telephone
4  Panic! Panic!
5  Turquoise
6  Skyrocketing
7  Born To Be Ridiculed
8  Child Of Hunger
9  Staten Island Ass Squad
10  Window Of Time
11  Units Of Time
12  Five Clowns
13  The Browning Of Her Bones
14  The Wheel Finds A Way

Dick Valentine – vocals
Johnny Na$hinal – lead guitar, backing vocals
Tait Nucleus? – keyboards, backing vocals
Herb S. Flavourings – rhythm guitar
Rob Lower – bass
Dr. J – drums

Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

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