Entering the ‘Ruins’: The Bloody Nerve Release Episode 8— ‘March Of The Fiends ’and Premiere Video

Entering the ‘Ruins’: The Bloody Nerve Release Episode 8— ‘March Of The Fiends ’and Premiere Video

13th October 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

The Bloody Nerve are back with Episode 8 ‘March Of The Fiends’ from their episodic concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure.

The Bloody Nerve is singer/guitarist Stacey Blood and powerhouse vocalist Laurie Ann Layne. Together, the duo have transformed year by year, carefully constructing their analog junkyard of sound and rock energy, taking it to a new level with each new episode of ‘All Blood, No Treasure’.

‘All Blood, No Treasure’ is an episodic release organized by Acts and Episodes.

  “The mood of ‘Fiends is pure dread.  We kind of pick up where we left off from Episode 7, using synths to build the tension of the track.   It’s like a dopamine zombie apocalypse and it really gave us space to explore some entranced vocal lines.  It was really fun to do” – Laurie Ann

“Where Episode 7 was hopeless, Episode 8 is more consequential.  What’s lurking to reach out and grab you when you’re at your most defenseless?  And how easy is it to just give up?  The video concept helped us play to that conflict between fight or flight.  No blurriness, no gray area here.  We like the environments and rooms in the videos to be almost like the main character.” – Stacey

 Set entirely in an empty, sterile room painted half black and half white, a ghoulish fiend (Blood) sympathizes with and taunts a disoriented subject (Layne).  As the song intensifies so does the perceived distortion of time and space, while the fiend carries out his predatory routine.

Metal Talk described Episode 7 as “Goosebump inducing”

In the words of Rock At Night “This is punk-rock, alternative music to its core and at its finest, broadcasting the social messages everyone needs to hear.”

Classic Rock Magazine called “the juicily named ‘All Blood, No Treasure’… “a gnarly mix of punkoid fire, Dead Weather-esque rock and social disenchantment,”

As Paul Cash of Pure Rock Fury remarked: “The Bloody Nerve offer a contemporary twist on Rock N Roll with their episodic ‘All Blood No Treasure’ album telling a familiar story that draws you in deeper with every passing song. Familiar, because that story is happening all around us on a day-to-day basis but do you have The Bloody Nerve to listen. Slick modern rock at its finest.” – 

Check out The Bloody Nerve’s latest release: ‘Act III, Episode 8: March Of The Fiends and watch for both the final episode of the Act III: “Ruins” that comes with the limited edition 3-track.

Out now on all digital platforms https://ffm.to/dvjrbaz

Website: https://thebloodynerve.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebloodynerve/

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