EVENTIDE: French drone-ambient entity, featuring members of progressive death-doom metal act EPITAPHE, announce debut album

EVENTIDE: French drone-ambient entity, featuring members of progressive death-doom metal act EPITAPHE, announce debut album

11th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

French drone-ambient entity EVENTIDE, featuring members of acclaimed progressive death-doom metal act EPITAPHE will release their debut album “Waterline” on April 11th 2024 via Aesthetic Death.

EVENTIDE and “Waterline” are both somewhat spontaneous and unplanned, both borne into existence out of a necessity to find an outlet for a diversifying creative flow.

Consisting of members of the French progressive death metal act, EPITAPHE, it is easy to see how EVENTIDE has become a continuation and flow of their sounds and directionality, a creative space and capacity for their desire to evolve all the many different sounds and ideas which overspill from that which they do with EPITAPHE.

It was during the EPITAPHE recording sessions of “II” that the band had such a wealth of ideas for their tracks that EVENTIDE was spontaneously created to bring those ideas to life. How intrinsically linked both bands are becomes apparent in the opening track, which starts with a chord progression that was developed during the recording sessions for the track “Melancholia” from “II”.

As an album itself “Waterline” is a beautiful meandering journey.
The album grew out of long improvised rehearsals, mixing modular synthesizers, analogue and digital effects, saxophone and guitar. EVENTIDE were able to draw on their love of jazz, drone, ambient and electronic music, and then use shapes, textures and timbres to craft and carve streams of constantly morphing atmosphere.

The music feels seamless – but still covers much ground, with the listener often unaware of these morphing shifts, just blissfully taking the flow of the album as it evolves, unfolds and cycles through eerie and ethereal sonorities.

was recorded live (except for the title track and very few overdubs) and the band have had the opportunity to develop and express these ideas live through their involvement with the Collectif Eptagon in Grenoble.

For the physical edition of “Waterline” the band have gathered the great help of Stefan Thanneur for the visuals, it was recorded and mixed at Mémoire Mécanique Studio (France) by Mathieu Gaud (recording) & James Leonard (additional recording & mixing), and the album was mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios (UK).

Source influences include Sunn O))), Ulver, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Portico Quartet.


01. Eventide
02. Waterline
03. Adrift
04. Sphere





Aesthetic Death




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