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We’re thrilled to announce that Bulgarian guitar wizard Nikolay Atanasov has officially joined our ranks to perform with REZET on all upcoming live dates and to contribute to the new studio album.

He states: 

“I became familiar with REZET when they were part of a DESTRUCTION tour in 2017. I’ve always thought it’s a great band, so I couldn’t say ‘no’ when I was asked to join!”

Atanasov has worked with internationally known musicians from bands such as Megadeth, Testament, King Diamond, Queensryche, Annihilator and many more. He was also a part of the last Agent Steel lineup, being one of the main songwriters and playing on the last studio album.

Nikolay will replace former guitarist Jan-Erik Fischer who had to leave REZET by the end of last year.

The band is now working on a new studio album that is planned to be released later this year. 

The first shows featuring the new lineup will happen this weekend in Rostock and Husum, Germany.


We have just begun to start the production of our next studio album!

While being already very creative during last year, our output was even more triggered when our new member joined and we felt like a whole band again. 

We completed the work on final demos last weekend at “Cherry Tree Studios” in Northern Germany with our long time friend and co-producer/manager Paddy Bieler, where drum trackings have started now also.┬á

REZET has recruited producer Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Helloween, Heaven Shall Burn a.m.m.) once again to guide, mix and master the recordings.

Expect an ultimate comeback, Rezetbangers!

Photo: Niklas Bieler


March 3rd @ MAU Club, Rostock (GER)

March 4th @ Speicher, Husum (GER)

April 28th @ No Playback Festival, Remchingen (GER)

June 2nd @ Iron Fest, Sch├Ânenberg/K├╝belberg (GER)

June 3rd @ TBA

June 29th @ Ehndorf Open Air, Neum├╝nster (GER)

June 30th @ Bandhaus, Erfurt (GER)

July 1st @ Volxbad, Flensburg (GER) 

July 14th @ Freihafen, G├Âttingen (GER)

July 15th @ MUR Festival, K├Ânigsee (GER)

July 21st @ K├Ânigsbach Open Air, Hohn (GER)

July 22nd @ TBA

August 4th @ Burgbrand Open Air, Gerstungen (GER)

August 5th @ TBA

September 1st @ Bambi Galore, Hamburg (GER)

September 2nd @ Don’t Panic, Essen (GER)

September 3rd @ Bastard Club, Osnabr├╝ck (GER)

September 4th @ Goldgrube, Kassel (GER)

September 5th @ Feierwerk, M├╝nchen (GER)

September 6th @ Rosenkeller, Jena (GER)

September 7th @ Rockhouse, Salzburg (AUT)

September 8th @ Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe (GER) 

September 9th @ Artik, Freiburg (GER)

September 15th – Kronensaal, Hamburg (GER)

September 16th – Roxy, Flensburg (GER)

For tickets and more info visit www.rezet.de/tour


“NEW WORLD MURDER” – Order your copy and limited bundle directly HERE at our official store!

01) The Devil’s Bride
02) Alien Noises (feat. Schmier of Destruction)
03) Dead End Walking

04) Fireball (Deep Purple – Cover)

The EP was produced and recorded by REZET founder and frontman Ricky Wagner this time at the band’s freshly built own studio called “Rad Toad Studios” in Schleswig, GER.

Eike Freese was recruited to mix and master the new recordings after producing the band’s last two studio albums.

REZET 2022

Photo: Niklas Bieler


Don’t forget to visit our official homepage at www.rezet.de

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