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We exclusively checked in with fast-rising Brit trio, NEVERSAID, who are ready to step up with the release of their alluring new EP, Bond Over Blood, which lands on Friday 29th March  (for more info, click HERE). The band has also unleashed their breath-taking new single, No Father, out now.

We asked the band to give a breakdown of the top five tracks that have helped to define their hooky sound:


Song 1. Trash Boat – How Selfish I Seem

This band, and specifically their first two albums are probably the biggest influences on Neversaid’s sound! They perfectly blend pop punk with hardcore in a way I’d never really heard before. I chose this song specifically because I think it has one of the hardest breakdowns of all time, it goes harder than most metal breakdowns in my opinion! – Logan

Song 2. Neck Deep – Gold Steps

‘Gold Steps’ was one of the first songs I heard that used double-time skate punk drums in the verse! I played drums in bands way before I started singing, and I used to put this kind of beat in my compositions wherever I could. Not only does it sound sick, but it’s really fun to play! – Logan

Song 3. Asking Alexandria – Not The American Average

So, I will fully admit that the lyrics have not aged well. However, this was the first ever song I heard with screaming vocals! I was like 13 when I first heard it, and it blew my mind. I’m sure my family wasn’t too happy about me doing my best Danny Worsnop impression while learning to scream as a teenager, but at least they know it was never a phase! – Logan

Song 4. My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

A bit of a basic pick, I know! But the success of this band speaks for itself! What really stands out about this track specifically is the guitar. The octave lead riff is so simple yet so effective and powerful! Our incredibly talented guitarist Jordan was yet to join the band when I was writing the new EP, so with my limited guitar ability, My Chem helped me to write some decent stuff! – Logan

Song 5. Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust

STYG are one of the best hardcore bands out there right now. This band just writes great lyrics. This song has such a powerful message. Bands like Stick To Your Guns really influenced my personal social and political ideologies as a teenager, and led me to push the messages I do with Neversaid’s music and platform! – Logan

For more on Neversaid, see – www.facebook.com/neversaidbanduk


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