Founding PINK FAIRIES Member PAUL RUDOLPH Keeps Rock Music Weird  With A New Album, Shares First Single!

Founding PINK FAIRIES Member PAUL RUDOLPH Keeps Rock Music Weird With A New Album, Shares First Single!

28th August 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

When it came to ignoring rules, defying authority, and blowing minds, English rock collective Pink Fairies was one of the best there ever was. Formed in the late ‘60s by Deviants guitarist/vocalist Paul Rudolph, the band’s earliest incarnations featured some of the most radical rock n’ roll rebels of the British underground, including Pretty Things drummer Twink and Tyrannosaurus Rex member Steve Peregrin Took. These early years, filled with anarchic live performances and hallucinogenic drug-influenced music set the template for the band’s legendary career, which continues to be spoken about in reverential tones to this day.


And now, Rudolph seeks to continue that legacy with a brand new Pink Fairies album set for release on October 6, Screwed Up. Once again joined by two other veterans of the vaunted British underground, Alan Davey of Hawkwind and Lucas Fox of Motörhead, who previously joined the band for the well-received 2018 album Resident Reptiles, Rudolph unites the Pink past with the Fairy future combining new original compositions with covers of songs co-written by another Fairy faithful Mick Farren (“Screwed Up”) and Hawkwind alum Robert Calvert (“Hassan I Sahba”).


For a sneak peak of the yet-to-be-released full album, check out the first single “Digital Sin.” One of the album’s original tracks, “Digital Sin” showcases the modern Fairies sound, riding a wicked foot-stomping guitar riff and bass groove, but still keeping things weirdly off-kilter, using computerized vocal filters on Rudolph’s voice to highlight the song’s lyrical themes of technology’s intrusion into our personal lives.


Stream/download the single:


Screwed Up is set for release on CD and digital October 6, with the vinyl version a few weeks later. Order yours today!


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Pre-order/pre-save the digital:



  1. Screwed Up
  2. Digital Sin  
  3. Whatchagonnado   
  4. Hassan I Sahba      
  5. Dreamzzz   
  6. It Came from Zeta-77073  
  7. Punky         
  8. We Can’t Get Any Closer  
  9. Big Pink Chopper  
  10. Wayward Son      
  11. In The Ether         


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