Fury Weekend and Platforms team up once again in the enchanting new single “Galaxy of Love.”

Fury Weekend and Platforms team up once again in the enchanting new single “Galaxy of Love.”

29th May 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Fury Weekend and Platforms team up once again in the enchanting new single “Galaxy of Love.”
“Galaxy of Love” combines genres such as synthwave, indie pop, and indie dance, showcasing Fury Weekend’s skill as a producer and a tantalizing glimpse into Fury Weekend‘s upcoming album. Synthesizers, drums, bass, and guitar blend together with an unforgettable vocal performance from Platforms’ creating a track that is both haunting and irresistibly upbeat.
With ethereal synth melodies that shimmer like distant stars in the night sky, “Galaxy of Love” invites listeners to explore the intricacies of human emotion and desire. The track elegantly captures themes of yearning and connection within its pulsing rhythms and atmospheric synthesizers, all while maintaining a joyful and uplifting mood. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of synthwave or a newcomer to the genre, “Galaxy of Love” offers a fresh and profound auditory experience that takes listeners on a cosmic voyage not just through the stars but through the depths of the heart. 
The Fury Weekend project was created when Belarus-based Ars Nikonov chose to combine his love of classic rock, electronic music, and ‘80s culture into a forward-thinking music venture. The result is a dystopian synthwave sound that blends bright synth melodies and gritty guitar work into a singular music vision of the future.
The uniqueness of Fury Weekend should come as no surprise given the artist’s background, which involves ambitious projects ranging from industrial to post-rock. Diversant: 13, Cold in May, Martian Love, Seanine, and Tribal A.D. are some of the many names that fill Ars’ creative resume, and each of those has given the creator the experience and tools needed to make an impact with his retro-futuristic synthwave project.
Platforms is a Pop/Rock duo consisting of Chicagoan singer and songwriter Jordan Cox and Swedish producer and guitarist Michael Palace.

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FiXT is an independent, artist-owned record label serving a roster of diverse and forward-thinking artists from across the globe, founded in 2006 by Klayton (Celldweller Scandroid).
 FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 3.5 billion online streams connecting with rock and metal music lovers, along with a core audience of gamers and sci-fi/cyberpunk fans. FiXT serves millions of listeners from over 150 countries each month, with new releases every week.
 FiXT’s 2024 roster includes artists such as: The Anix, Beyond Unbroken, The Browning, CANTERVICE, Celldweller, Coping Method, Daedric, DEATH X DESTINY, Fight The Fade, Fury Weekend, HIGHSOCIETY, The Plague, Scandroid, Void Chapter, Young Medicine, and more.
 Founded in 2006, FiXT’s catalog of music has received over 1,000 Film/TV/Video Game and advertising sync placements, including: Westworld, Power Rangers, Lexus, Toyota, Suicide Squad, Iron Man, Robocop, Jack Reacher, Deadpool, John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim, Call of Duty, Synth Riders, Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed, Razer, Dead Rising, UFC, WWE, and more.
For more information on FiXT, visit: www.fixtmusic.com

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