Garry of Gonemage Talks About Georgie, Kiki, Henrietta

Garry of Gonemage Talks About Georgie, Kiki, Henrietta

22nd August 2022 0 By John Deaux

Gonemage are a difficult band to describe as they take elements of extreme metal and fuse it with 8bit as well as combining elements of prog and other things.  We caught up with creator Garry Brents, who is also involved with the projects CARA NEIR, HOMESKIN, and LEV’MYR, as we heard he has a few pets.

I have 3 cats! Georgie, Kiki, Henrietta. Georgie is the newest to the household (adopted from the street in 2019). Orange cat. He’s kind of the troublemaker/instigator, always curious and always learning. The name Georgie just stuck with him although there’s a lot of nicknames for him with G/J-sounds like Jasper, Jones, Goby, Juicebox, etc.

Kiki is a light grey sort of tabby and she’s a little on the round side. My partner named her that but I can’t remember why. She’s mostly shy and likes to hang out by herself and watch things happen from a distance.

Henrietta is an all black cat with yellow eyes that we adopted 7 years ago. She’s also kind of shy and sometimes very skittish, but then she’ll get very clingy and hover around us quite a bit. She’ll go through phases of laying on top of me as I’m asleep, no matter if I’m on my back or my side, she’ll find a way. Henrietta was a name that she already had when adopted and figured we’d keep it.

Do any of them have weird quirks?

I think Georgie playing fetch with hair-ties. He’s fixated. It’s pretty funny to see.

These past couple of years have been incredibly weird for all of us. How have Georgie, Kiki, Henrietta helped.

 They’ve been very comforting. Sometimes a little overwhelming at times, but for the most part they’re sweet companions especially being at home most of the time.

That’s amazing. Having pets, especially cats do help mental health. have you always had pets?

 Always have, but no exotic pets so far! Maybe one day.

Have you managed to humiliate any of them by dressing them up?

 Not really, but maybe the occasional funny hat, like a wizard hat.

How about when you practice at home. How do they react?

Kiki tends to enjoy guitar being played at her or in her presence. Georgie sometimes gets afraid of a loud guitar strum, not knowing what’s going on. I wouldn’t say they’ve had a particular influence though or preference on styles of music.

And when you’re away?

So far, that only happened once where a friend stopped by for a check-in.

Speaking of practicing, what’s in the pipeline for Gone mage? Can we expect some new tunes?


Absolutely. Gonemage- Handheld Demise is on the horizon due 9/30/22. It’s a concept album based on recurring nightmares adapted into my video game-like fantasy lore I’ve created for this project. A massive 44 guests were featured on this album to add to the big RPG vibe.


Any last words?

A huge thanks to fans and followers for giving their support and time listening to my music. You’re in for a ride.

Check out Gonemage at any of the following links below
Bandcamp (Master BC of all my projects): 

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