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Marking 30 years since the iconic second album of depraved electronic madness GGFH release their landmark album ‘Disease’ on a limited anniversary edition transparent red LP on 22nd March 2024. 

“Disease was a transtemporal projection, a foretelling of a future that we are currently living, a world in decline. The government created pandemics and media produced wars. Oligarchs and billionaires burning the earth, and still we sit blindly… watching our own deaths on the computer screen”. GGFH

Though musically there are only scarce links to the genre, GGFH’s material was very inspirational and fully embraced among metal bands as Kristoffer Rygg of Ulver states,

“God’s truth: Global Genocide Forget Heaven was darker than most of the metal bands back then.” Along with fellow Peaceville artist Yusaf ‘Vicotnik’ Parvez who mentions “Truly one of my biggest inspirations, especially evident in the latter 90s DHG period”.


Whilst celebrating this album with a fresh master of ‘Disease’ fans will be pleased to know that the band are currently working on new material. 

Revered among the press with Dimmu Borgir even recently covering the track ‘DMDR (Dead Men Don’t Rape)’, showing GGFH’s lasting impact on many acts in the metal scene and beyond. Ghost himself had also appeared on My Dying Bride’s ‘I Am the Bloody Earth’ EP in 1994. GGFH notably shared the stage with several metal acts, touring with bands such as My Dying Bride and Fear Factory, demonstrating their crossover audience appeal.

Amid strong talk of a potential reunion between Ghost and Brian, this edition of ‘Disease’ marks 30 years since its release, and is presented on limited transparent red vinyl. Also includes inner sleeve, now with full printed lyrics.

Aside from several influential demos later released as the ‘Halloween’ compilation in 1994, GGFH recorded two full albums in the early 90s which were released on Peaceville sub-label Dreamtime.

Debut album ‘Eclipse’ surfaced in 1991, showcasing a truly dark and demented concoction of industrial elements, eerie atmospherics & strong electronic influences. The follow-up album, ‘Disease’ was released in 1993, and was notable for pushing the boundaries of taste ever further with a creeping, sinister sense of foreboding throughout the nine tracks, featuring lyrics driven primarily by murder & serial killers as well as religion and all dark and corrupt aspects of life.

  1. Flesh
  2. Room 213 (Frozen Heart Mix) 
  3. Hands  
  4. Dead Men Don’t Rape (Revenge Mix) 
  5. Disease 
  6. Real (Nightmare Mix) 
  7. Dark Powers 
  8. Plasterchrist 
  9. Confession

The album will be released on Limited 30th anniversary edition transparent red LP. 


Pre-order copies right here:


With a deep dive into the extreme underlying darkness & decay permeating society, GGFH (Global Genocide Forget Heaven) was a pioneering electronic/industrial act formed in Oakland, California in 1986 by enigmatic frontman, Ghost, who was later joined by Brian Walls to create some of the sickest music circulating at the time. GGFH amassed a true cult following during their existence, through both the disturbing content of their recordings, as well as their intense and twisted, notorious live shows.

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