Gin Annie – Bannermans – Edinburgh 30/01/22 – Gig Review

Gin Annie – Bannermans – Edinburgh 30/01/22 – Gig Review

31st January 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Bannermans Setlist

After a month of uncertainty LIVE MUSIC IS BACK, and what better way to start the gig calendar than with with a band with more swagger than Jagger, Gin Annie.

Still riding high off the back of their debut album 100% Proof and not really being able to tour to promote it despite critical acclaim properly, thanks to a little thing called Covid. Gin Annie are obviously relishing that they’re back on stage and being able to perform for a very hungry fan base.

The band took to the stage around 9pm and proceeded to tear Bannermans a new one for the next 70 minutes. 

From the opener of Love Aint Here (along with crowd participation) the band were absolutely relentless. 

Frontman David Foster had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand all night and got the Sunday night audience to scream and sing themselves raw. 

Guitarists Bryon & Brian have play dual leads that rival Iron Maidens Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. These guys are so finely in tune with each other, it’s a stunning display to watch.

Speaking of Byron, that man uses his wah peddle like a footpump and he’s trying to inflate his date (which is probably safer if the song Next 2 Me is anything to go by and he owns a puncture repair kit)

The rhythm section that comprises of Lewis on the drums and Phil on bass are tighter than a pair of Chinese finger cuffs and are locked together. Which was showcased during Save Me. A banger of a track. 

David Fosters voice is outrageous. He reminds me (in places) of the vocalist Richie of 90’s pop band Let Loose. They both have the same power, tone and the ability to make it look effortless. One of the best hard rock male vocalists out there right now I have to say. 

Those 5 guys in Gin Annie had an absolute blast on that stage tonight and left everyone in attendance incredibly moist with sweat. Their live album and DVD Live, Locked Down and Loaded is a decent representation of the band live HOWEVER., just go see them. You’ll leave sweaty and with a smile on your face. These guys are infectious (unlike Covid, it’s in a good way)

A special mention has to go to sound man James who did a fantastic job with the front of house sound and opening act Jason Sweeney who were an absolute belter of a band who have tinges of U2 but without the edge(pun intended) Check them out HERE.

For all things Gin Annie, click HERE and to purchase 100% Proof along with their live album and DVD, click HERE

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