Gin Annie – Bannermans – Edinburgh – Scotland – 3th August 2023

Gin Annie – Bannermans – Edinburgh – Scotland – 3th August 2023

4th August 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Gin Annie is finally back in Edinburgh, but this time with a new guitarist, Marc Bradley. This is a gig I had high expectations of as it’s the 1st time seeing Gin Annie after the exit of former guitarist Brian Green. Marc had some big shoes to fill, and holy shit does he fit them well.¬†

Not only is Gin Annie always a good band to see live, this time around there’s a whole new energy on the stage, thanks in part to Marc. There’s still lots of interplay between cousins Byron (guitar) and David (vocals) but it’s great to see the band firing on all cylinders.

With a set that already has a number of crowd-pleasers (New Bad Habit, Next 2 Me, and Fallin’)but there’s an abundance of new songs courtesy of their new album Undivided.

There’s an old adage that a band has their entire lives to write their 1st album and only a short space of time to match it with their 2nd. Well, not only did Gin Annie produce an absolutely blinding debut with 100% Proof, but their 2nd album (which of course takes up the majority of tonight’s set) Undivided has a plethora of classic tracks in the making.¬†

Tracks such as Rain, that drives like a madman going around the N√ľrburgring Ring, the incredible cover of the Seal classic Crazy which has David Foster sounding more like ¬†‚ÄúRichie‚ÄĚ Wermerling¬† of Let Loose than usual (no bad thing. A hugely underrated vocalist)

Gin Annie is a band that currently can do no wrong. Especially live. The Songs Devil In Me, Perfect Nightmare, Last One Alive, and Someday are already crowd pleasers. 

This is one band that needs to be playing to bigger audiences as they’re a fun band that obviously care about their fans as there is plenty of interaction. As I previously said, there’s a whole new dynamic and energy in the band that is proving to be infectious as this Edinburgh crowd gave them their all.¬†

Meeting the boys after the show, you can tell (in part to the sweat rolling. They were that sodden that if one of them farted, they wouldn’t know if they’d shit themselves or just blasted the sweat out of their arse crack) that they really do give the crowd their all and have a complete blast doing so.¬†

What a great night with tremendous toons from this bunch of Yam Yams. 

For all things Gin Annie, click HERE

The FOH sound for Gin Annie was superb, courtesy of Ramage Inc’s very own shredder Hef.¬†

A special mention must go to Callum, who provided the sound for the Mid Lothian support act Tergazzi (who are well worth checking out too) and did an excellent job. 



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