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After two critically acclaimed albums (2020’s ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’ and 2022’s ‘The Rest Is Distraction’), and numerous mini-album, EP, and single releases, London-based innovators Girls In Synthesis return on May 3rd with their new statement; their third album ‘Sublimation’. If you thought you knew GIS, think again.


Pushing themselves, they have once again broken into new territories, constructing their own world and bringing forward their interpretation of a dark, twisted, and angular pop record, with all the intensity of their previous work. ‘Sublimation’ once again proves GIS to be peerless, and throughout its 11 tracks, they dive headfirst into an uneasy, atmospheric, and intense world of melody, self-questioning lyrics, and combative musical performances.


Today the band emerges from the darkness once again with the new single ‘Deceit’. Following the previous single ‘Lights Out,’ ‘Deceit’ sees Girls In Synthesis once again shifting into fresh new directions with one of their most hooky, melodic songs yet. That renowned intensity is still very much there, but the melodic, circular guitar figure, from guitarist Jim Cubitt, that drives the song adds a new dimension to the band’s sound. Add to this an almost Latin, bossa nova style snare and tom pattern from drummer Nicole Pinto, and you get an expanded vision from a band that has never followed their contemporaries.


Lyrically, however, ‘Deceit’ delves into the darker aspects of human relationships.


“It deals with a duplicitous, unhealthy relationship and about your position in it,” explains bassist and vocalist John Linger. “I think it’s easy to feel misplaced in life, and not know where you stand with other people. People are complicated and sometimes don’t say what they think. Sometimes second-guessing another’s motives is dangerous, but it’s natural to want to resolve issues in those situations.”

Girls In Synthesis adopted a radically different approach to making ‘Sublimation’ compared to previous sessions. Recorded late 2023 at Sick Room Studios in Narborough, Norfolk by Owen Turner, these sessions marked the first time the band had worked with an engineer from the recording process onwards. Typically, in the past, GIS would record and engineer everything themselves and then collaborate on the mix with someone else, but this time they retreated to rural Norfolk and completely absorbed themselves in the isolation and quietness of their surroundings.


Booked in for extensive UK/EU touring throughout May and June, the band will be adapting their white-heat live show to bring subtlety and clarity to the new songs from ‘Sublimation’, losing none of their unique and intense attitude in the process. Be ready…

‘Sublimation’ track-listing:

  • Light’s Out
  • Deceit
  • Semblance of Choice
  • We Are Here
  • Corrupting Memories
  • I Was Never There
  • Picking Things Out Of The Air
  • I Jude Myself
  • Subtle Differences
  • The Prefix
  • A Damning Lesson

Pre-order ‘Sublimation’ HERE:

Catch Girls In Synthesis live in 2024 at the following dates:

09/05/24 – MANCHESTER – The Castle Hotel
10/05/24 – LONDON – Moth Club
11/05/24 – BRISTOL – The Lanes
21/05/24 – BRUSSELS – La Source Beer Co
22/05/24 – LILLE – Bulle Cafe
23/05/24 – NIJMEGEN – Merleyn
24/05/24 – GRONINGEN – Vera
25/05/24 – DEN HAGUE – Sniester Festival
26/05/24 – KOLN – Sonic Ballroom
27/05/24 – HAMBURG – Hafenklang
28/05/24 – BERLIN – Urban Spree
29/05/24 – PRAGUE – Bike Jesus
30/05/24 – ZURICH – X-Tra Musikcafe
31/05/24 – FREIBURG – Slow Club
01/06/24 – ORLEANS – Astrolabe
06/06/24 – BIRMINGHAM – Dark Horse
07/06/24 – NEWCASTLE -Zerox
08/06/24 – GLASGOW – The Hug and Pint

21/07/24 – DOUR – Dour Festival

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