Gothic Metal Band CREMATORY Releases New Single, “Rest in Peace” + Visualizer Video

Gothic Metal Band CREMATORY Releases New Single, “Rest in Peace” + Visualizer Video

21st February 2023 0 By John Deaux

Gothic Metal legends CREMATORY, who made a smashing impact on the German charts with their latest album, Inglorious Darkness, once again grace the music scene with another single from the album. The hauntingly beautiful track, “Rest in Peace,” takes the listener on a musical journey through the shadowy depths of death. The lyrics are a vivid illustration of the Grim Reaper’s embrace as he emerges from the misty veil of darkness. Heavy guitar riffs, thundering drumming, and the gloomy music video all perfectly capture the essence of the song’s haunting atmosphere. This single is a testament to CREMATORY’s unwavering commitment to delivering powerful and thought-provoking music that transports the listener to a different realm.
That’s not all – there’s more good news to be heard! CREMATORY will embark on a tour across Germany, hitting the biggest and best stages across the country while delivering powerful and electrifying performances that will leave you headbanging all night long. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience one of the most epic metal tours of the year. Grab your tickets now!

Order Inglorious Darkness NOW:

CREMATORY on Inglorious Darkness:
“New band line-up and back to the roots with only one guitar and no other singer besides Felix, who sang everything on this album alone, even the cleaner vocals. Hardness, melody and gloom are excellently combined on Inglorious Darkness.
Real Gothic Metal is the catchword, which can be enjoyed here. Numerous hits sung in German and English, partly electronic, partly orchestral and partly full on the face in Gothic Rock’n Roll style!”

CREMATORY’s statement:“Gothic Rock´n Roll Motherfuckers! Bang that head that doesn´t bang! CREMATORY forever!”

CREMATORY – Darkness over Germany – Tour dates 2023
06.04.2023 – Trier
08.04.2023 – Hamburg
28.04.2023 – Zwickau
29.04.2023 – Leipzig
30.04.2023 – Mannheim
17.05.2023 – Erfurt
18.05.2023 – Köln
19.05.2023 – Frankfurt
20.05.2023 – Kaiserslautern
27.05.2023 – München

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