GrowN – Clawfinger-guitarist with new band and single – „Stay Calm“ to be released

GrowN – Clawfinger-guitarist with new band and single – „Stay Calm“ to be released

4th January 2021 0 By John Deaux

Being grown for many sounds almost like “staying calm awaiting to die”.

The Norwegians from GrowN prove that it doesn’t have to be. On the contrary: in their case, being an adult – GrowN – is the best example that life experience and musical maturity can be the very best breeding ground for fresh sounds full of heart and soul and rousing roughness.

But the two masterminds behind GrowN have always been able to do that: behind the “new” band there is none other than Clawfinger guitarist Bård Torstensen.

With his bandmate Harald Dose, who made a career as a successful big band musician and musical artist while Bård was on the road with Clawfinger, he is reunited at GrowN for the first time in 30 years! The both of them have made their first record within three decades.

On December 4th, “Stay Calm” will be released (the two of them have the patience and calmness in any case…), the first single from their debut album, which is entitled “For Life” and will come out on February 19th. And if it continues like this, it will probably be the farewell album right away. But after all, good music is not a question of age. And stress is fundamentally counterproductive.

The album has become a contemporary yet timeless piece of New Classic Rock: solid, down-to-earth and straightforwardly arranged. The two most recently made music together in the band THEO during the 80s, which broke up after the album “The Good The Bad The Ugly” and both went their own way around the world. When Corona came at the beginning of the year, the two found each other in their hometown and rediscovered the love of making music together.”Over the years I have written down countless song ideas that did not go with Clawfinger,” says Torstensen. “My heart beats for a wide variety of music styles, I can’t control what creatively gushes out of me.”Five years ago the guitarist allowed himself the fun and listened to all the old demos again, noticing that there were some really good approaches for really good songs among them. “My heart spoke to me and shouted loud and clear “SIMPLY DO IT! “Bård quickly connects with lyricist Arne Birketveit and tries to implement the song ideas with various singers. However, he wasn’t convinced. Until the day he met his old companion Harald. “When I heard the songs for the first time, I was immediately hooked,” he describes. “They fit me like a glove and I was starved to do exactly that again.”


Neither of them are particularly good at finding band names. In the end, it’s Harald who comes around the corner with GrowN. Bård likes the idea: “That suits us. We’re pretty old now, after all. But it also shows that, even if we are really old, we have never lost our passion for this type of music. ” Not even when the two of them, like all other musicians, are deprived of their tour basis by the Corona crisis. “When you have reached a certain age, you should be able to see things positively and just tackle things.”That is exactly what Bård and Harald did. With their first single “Stay Calm” they provide not only a real rock hit, but also instructions for use during Corona.Very GrowN.








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