Hawxx at Our Black Heart, Camden 10th November 2022 . Gig Review

Hawxx at Our Black Heart, Camden 10th November 2022 . Gig Review

14th November 2022 0 By Owen Edmonds

Thursday, 10th November, Hawxx released their latest single The Worst Thing and the following day played a launch party at Our Black Heart in deepest Camden. I was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket to the sold out show to see one of the best unsigned bands in the UK.

The gig was the culmination of an awesome week for Hawxx and their kettle (a group of hawks is known as a kettle), not only the release of their new single and a massive gig to play but they were confirmed as one of the first bands signed up to play at the Download festival in June 2023, the 20th anniversary of the metal festival. And all of this just a few short weeks after becoming the latest band to get Jackson guitars on board with them. This is the sort of recognition that those of us in the kettle have been expecting for some time. It is happening folks, so get on board early and don’t miss out on an epic journey.

It was also nice to meet a couple of guys whom I met at the Radar Festival back in July, so I wasn’t completely on my lonesome.

However, I digress. I’m here to talk about Friday nights gig.

The Gig

The gig was a triple bill with support coming from Atan and Adharma.

Atan, a progressive 4 piece from London opened the show with some cracking tunes. Lead singer Claudia has a great voice and a really good stage presence. The entire band all seem very comfortable on stage and did a great job warming up the crowd.

Adharma were up next who were new to me and I was seriously impressed by this 5 piece from Guildford. There was a great energy that radiated out with some precise and skilful playing. If I’m honest, I wish the guitars had been slightly louder in the mix, but that is personal preference.

Then, finally, the band we were all waiting for.


At 9.45, Anna, Hannah, Jess and Julia took the stage. With it came a significant increase in noise with lots of whooping and cheering and all they had done was sit at the drumkit or plug in their guitars. After a few “Hoo’s” they blasted straight into Dogma. My last gig was the Radar Festival back at the end of July and one of the highlights of that festival were Hawxx and they ended their set that day playing Dogma leaving the crowd that day on a massive high. Opening today’s gig with it was a superb choice, It really is a crowd favourite and an already amped up crowd got turned up to 11.[

If the song wasn’t enough, Anna and Hannah extended the song by jumping into the crowd and playing right up in their faces. This type of crowd interaction is so important as it changes the dynamic from a band playing to a bunch of people (albeit fans) to a collaboration between band and fan, we’re all in this together so let’s have fun.

After Dogma, Hawxx broke straight into Detonate and with my deepest apologies to everyone around me, I couldn’t help but sing. That’s what happens when you right catchy tunes.

Then came the new single, The Worst Thing.

This song has it all. pounding guitars, ridiculous drumming, catchy lyrics it is a superb addition to their set list. “The Worst Thing I could wish on you is to remain just who you are.” What a line (and a thought) that is.

Hawxx then blasted through Blunt, Hologram and Trust Your Rage before we had what can only be described as a wonderful surprise. Not only were we there for one new single, but another new song was played for the first time. Soul Breaking Machines. And this is another banger of a tune that the crowd just lapped up, especially as we given the chance to sing along.

Throughout all of the songs, Anna really stood up proud and engaged with the crowd. Often jumping into the great unwashed of Camden and singing and moshing with them. Even the guy that got smacked in the mouth with the mic stand and had her guitar headstock up his nose was absolutely loving it. Wish I had such a cool interaction, sadly not, that’ll teach me for standing to the side.

To end the evening Hawxx brought out the big guns, Filth, Heart Play Dead and (accompanied by a Wall of Death that would’ve been at home at Download) Death of Silence


Hawxx are one of the most exciting young bands in the UK today being able to blend a combination of styles, influences and topics into music that is both comfortable and innovative. They are finally getting some love from the music industry with the tie-in with Jackson Guitars and being booked for Download and this gig is a prime example why they are so beloved by the Kettle.

Friday night was exactly what I wanted and what I needed. It was an absolute triumph of a gig.


My thanks to fellow Kettle member Antoni Adamiak for the use of his images.

Set List



The Worst Thing



Trust Your Rage

Soul Breaking Machines


Heart Play Dead

Death of Silence

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