Hillbilly Revenge / Human Slaughter – Hillbilly Slaughter (split)

Hillbilly Revenge / Human Slaughter – Hillbilly Slaughter (split)

14th March 2015 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

Now this is cool.  A split CD featuring two of Greece’s up and coming thrash bands – Hillbilly Revenge and Human Slaughter.

The 5 Hillbilly Revenge tracks are as catchy as hell, with a Bay Area inspired sound to them – and after just a couple of listens I found the tracks stuck on repeat in my head.  I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what these guys do next – the Witches Brew site suggests they’ll be releasing a full album sometime soon, so I hope that’s true!

The 5 Human Slaughter tracks have more of a death metal edge to them and though they aren’t quite as catchy still do a damn fine job of getting your head banging!  Fans of crust and thrash will love what these guys are doing.

If you’re into your thrash, and fancy listening to something from somewhere other than the UK or USA, then this is definitely worth checking out – both bands have delivered the goods and this CD is available now from the Witches Brew link below.

Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOHILLBILLY REVENGE - HUMAN SLAUGHTER - Hillbilly Slaughter - Split cover art

01. Hillbilly Revenge – March Of The Hillbillies
02. Hillbilly Revenge – Zombie Town Mosh
03. Hillbilly Revenge – Hillbilly Revenge
04. Hillbilly Revenge – Reduced To Decay
05. Hillbilly Revenge – Black Red Bar
06. Human Slaughter – Sti Dini Tou Xaous
07. Human Slaughter – Doomsday Is Coming
08. Human Slaughter – A Good Cop Is A Dead Cop
09. Human Slaughter – Pisteveis Pws T’Aksizeis
10. Human Slaughter – Pathitiki Neolaia (Live)

Record Label
Witches Brew

Release Date
9th January 2015



Hillbilly Revenge

Human Slaughter


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