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Formed in 2018 by Pete Greenway, drummer Keiron Melling and bassist Dave Spurr, formerly known as the last and longest-serving lineup of The Fall, Imperial Wax finally follow the release of their debut album ‘Gastwerk Saboteurs’ in 2019 this coming February 9th with their new and second album ‘Tranquilliser’, to be released via Guesswork Records. 
Now very much a band in their own right, Imperial Wax draws on the lessons they learned from Mark E Smith and has evolved into a visceral, expressive fusion of garage rock and post-punk. 
Following the release of the ‘Less I Need’ video, the first single to be released from ‘Tranquilliser’ at the start of 2024 where Imperial Wax celebrated their return with a 4-minute post-punk garage barrage, constantly changing keys and charging up into a furious krautrock barnstormer, the band return this week with a second video and single for the track ‘No Control’. Starting with a stuttering, jagged guitar riff, drummer Keiron Melling commences the rhythm with a simple military-like snare march, before the whole band explodes into the song’s stomping, angular attack, veering dangerously out of control…   

“No Control is a difficult one to explain without getting too personal, the whole song is a sort of visceral catharsis about taking people for granted,” explains guitarist and vocalist Sam Curran. “It’s basically a big rant at myself for not realising the repercussions of my actions until it’s too late to grovel for an apology. I think I’ve said before, I love going for a beer, especially after work. I spend all week on my own and love having a natter with folk. It’s difficult to get the balance right when you’re in dickhead mode, 1 beer turns into 5 and before long I’ve sacked everything off in a fit of selfishness and will deal with the aftermath later.
“I still do this now but hopefully I’m not as bad as I used to be, I’m guessing at the time of writing ‘No Control’ I was trying to clamber out of a pit I’d excavated for myself. I probably wrote it at work on a Monday while feeling sorry for myself. I tried to illustrate the never-ending cycle of my behaviour by repeating each line, in one ear out the other sort of thing. I don’t think I’ve got a drinking problem, it’s a selfishness problem.”

Following the release of the album, Imperial Wax will be hitting stages across the UK at the following dates, with many more to be added.
09/02 – Preston – Action records out store @ the Ferret
10/02 – Leeds – In store @ Jumbo Records
12/02 – BBC6 Live session – Riley and Coe
17/02 – London – In store @ Dash the Henge
06/04 – Manchester – FairPlay festival
‘Tranquilliser’ is out February 9th via Guesswork Records
‘Tranquilliser’ Track-Listing.

  1. Less I Need
  2. No Control
  3. Burning In The Water
  4. St. Cavell
  5. Civilised Descent
  6. Through My Hands
  7. Tranquilliser
  8. Midas Touch
  9. Silence
  10. Post Lobotomy
  11. Under Your Wings

Pre-order ‘Tranquilliser’ HERE:



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