Infernal Awakening – Enlightened by Lucifer’s Flame

Infernal Awakening – Enlightened by Lucifer’s Flame

9th September 2014 0 By Joe Reed

Tucson, Arizona isn’t exactly known for producing symphonic black metal, but when the sunny skies turn to black nights apparently it becomes one grim joint. Infernal Awakening’s self-released disc “Enlightened by Lucifer’s Flame” is a dark, melodic, and translucent gallop through the chaotic (anti) cosmos.

Taking cues from older Emperor, Dark Funeral, and even classic NWOBHM like Mercyful Fate, the Infernal crew has crafted a record that is interesting and dynamic enough to stand out in the black metal crowd. Perhaps the first distinguishable characteristic musically is the synthesizer which, although present on every track, is carefully and tastefully used more to enhance the overall atmosphere than to act as its own device. The keyboard blends rather nicely with the harmonic guitars and seems to carry the riffs and overall songs rather nicely, creating an almost trance like aesthetic.

Synths aren’t the only characteristic setting Infernal Awakening apart. The emphasis on lead guitar playing is reminiscent of classic metal in a way that sacrifices the influence of second-wave Norwegian Black Metal for a sound that is more eclectic in my opinion. I found the lead guitar work on “The Baphomet of Mendes” particularly tasteful and impressive. A progressive piece, that particular song includes dynamic use of the synthesizer, an infectious chanting chorus, and a rather beautiful piano outro.

Death metal influences are found in “The King ov Hell Has Arrived” and “Necromica” which are more straight forward songs that blast away with precision and aggression. Overall, the EP sounds very well constructed and, although it may alienate some orthodox black metal kin, will be appreciated by many fans outside of the black metal community who will find the bands musical stylings more inclusive and interesting as well.

Infernal Awakening’s sound appears to be focused on moving the black metal genre forward rather than re-creating the past, something that I certainly respect and appreciate and hope others do as well. If this continues to be the band’s focus, the best should be yet to come.

Score7.5 out of 10


Infernal Awakening - Enlightened by Lucifer’s FlameALBUM INFO


1. Enlightened by Lucifer’s Flame
2. Necromica
3. The Baphomet of Mendes
4. The King ov Hell Has Arrived
5. Transcending to Shadows

Release Date:
April 30th, 2014

Self Released

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